Have you ever felt, that someday, there is a song, that makes you think of, someone? And this song, always, always, reminds of, of that person, regardless how remote and how far it has been. Somehow, this person, is tied to this tune, to a scene in your head, in your memory, that you can still recall the moment you first heard it, as if the first time you met him/her, the first time you went out, the first time you had fun at park, playing arcade, watching a video, sharing a dessert, drinking coffee, window shopping, or just wondering around in the city, by the suburb, along an unknown road that led to somewhere, but neither of you cared, because it was the moment being next to each other mattered, and you could go anywhere with him/her, however where the road is going to lead.

    Isn't it love? or just a 心动? or it's the beginning of a love, that is always beautiful, touching, making your soul nervous, tremble even, and leave a stamp on your memory, that you can not forget, even when it's buried deep, in history, in the past, in neglect, in a corner of mind that doesn't see light of the day anymore.

    Yet, the song, is like a key, that opens a door that had been sealed with dust, letting light peek into once more, as if someone stepping into an ancient ruin, they see spider webs, see things scattered around, see broken pieces here and there, and then, they also see the same as it was left — placed in the same place, in the same position, clock stopped in time, nothing changed, but everything has changed, gone.

    How sad! So this is the power of a song, the power of remembering what you had, the power of not being able to forget. There is an army of sci-fi movies that travel back in time or forward into the future. It's a cliché now if you set a story in this setting. But what people often do not realize is that, everyone of us, every mind that lives and breathes, every heart that has ever been touched by another body, every tune that makes you sad, makes you wonder, makes you want to drop everything you ever had, only if you could be back with, or to be with, someone, somewhere, someday, is traveling, in space, in time.

    Yes, it is sad. But it is also beautiful, because it is tender, it is sensitive, it is what makes you feel to cry, and I have to say, tear, is a wonderful thing. It's not cowardish to cry. It is rather noble, for you still feel the pain, still remember the pain, still hope it could have been different, even though it is set, done, finished, no going back.

    They say Athena put HOPE as the last gift in Pandora's box as a savior to human; some argue that HOPE is just another evil (so don't be fooled by its name), otherwise why it was in that box? I don't know. Maybe it is. Then this is an evil that gives you a string to hang on, even though, it is false.

    — by Feng Xia


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