When was the last time I watched clouds floating by? when was the last time you watched clouds floating by?

    I can't recall it anymore. It felt like a strange memory. Do you know when you are staring at clouds, you feel it is moving towards you, becoming larger and larger, and some part of it is always moving, changing, like 棉絮, how fascinating!

    Last night's street food definitely had a toll on both of us. Swimming a bit helped, but I could still feel the cranking at stomach, and Noah is taking a nap next by the pool. These traveling young couple decided to have lunch at the hotel's restaurant. I could smell the perfume the girl is wearing. Beautiful weather, a bit hot, but beautiful. I don't think we can ask more from nature for a better life.

    Noah had a sharp observation the other day, that there is no cars honking! Yes indeed. The whole city, regardless the zillion bikes, scooters, motorcycles, kids on every kind on every kind of these, cars, street dogs, chickens... it feels, life, but not noisy. The air smells burning fire from street food stalls and grocery markets. This place is poor, but it has a pleasant smell, a relaxing feel. The girl's fragrance is becoming another string of this city smell.

    How far can smell travel? how long can it last? I know smell can burn into memory, deep, that I recall walking in Beijing park w/ mom a few years back when she was showing me those flowers. All of sudden I recall the smell. You couldn't tell where you had that before, but you know it.

    Clouds are floating by, together, with this fragrance in the air, and the city bustles in the background. Sun rays over the swimming pool, a butterfly going anywhere she feels please. When will this happen again? and when will I recall?

    Went to a coffee shop on the way to scooter rental place this morning. Both Noah and I didn't feel well. So we stopped this place for a recharge. It's gift shop is really nice. Got a string bag, just what I wanted for trip like this! and a wallet made out of rubber tire, which I thought it was thick leather. How wonderful! I guess it is from one of the recycle programs that locals make these artifacs, and sell to support a program. It's good cause I hope. It doesn't really matter that much. I liked the place, liked the morning walk w/ Noah, liked the small gift shop and the two post cards I picked.

    They are over priced by local standard I'm sure. But I want to leave something to this country, to this beautiful place, because, it had given me so much in my first vist, w/ her, and has given me beautiful clouds and a pleasant smell. She didn't wear perfume. I don't need that to remind me of everything.

    I remember, still.

    — by Feng Xia


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