Wow, this is quite unbelievable! I read a line:"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." (looking it up, there is an NPR!) yes I have always remembered this line, because it is so true — despite that I have been losing faith of human being in general, I do consider a mind, well, regardless it is doing good or evil, is a terrible thing to waste. After all, I think the mind is the one only thing that human may come out of his own misery. Reading books always gives me this, false hope maybe, that once a while, just about everything goes into darkness, there is some mind, somewhere, somehow, wired so differently, that sparks a light, that gives, hope.

    The recent movie of "Dying to Survive" is another case in point, that goods came out of something so original, so humble, so remote from being grand, memorable, plausible, beneficial. This feels almost like the argument that free market ppl like to say the best drive to create something good is the individual's extreme selfishness to maximize his/her own gain — it's the root of both good and bad, twins.

    Well, before I started this article, I was actually going to make a fun of this news I just came across, that "陕西省社科联经研究决定开展 “梁家河大学问”课题研究", because my first reaction is, what a waste of mind! But then, why wouldn't such nose browning aldo derive something worthwhile? What's the difference between the drive to propose such research versus peddling something legal or illegal just to make money? If we don't understand how these are different, how do I know I don't step over the line someday myself, and wasted the mind I have?

    I don't have an answer. Somehow I do have a gut feeling that this drive is quite different from just an urge to make money. It is not greed... well, not a greed of $$, but can we say it's a greed of fame? of social capital? and don't these greed all converge to be a greed of $$ at the end anyway? hmmm... this is worth looking into, how do we categorize greeds!? and what are the inter-links among them? I think the older I get, the clearer I start to realize that these bad words/concepts should not be avoided. Instead, we should look right into its eyes, with fear and uncertainty maybe, but nonetheless, to face it, so you can watch, study, maybe figure out how strong it is really, and start to see a strategy to break it down into smaller tasks so to defeat it, if we really think it's a bad thing to exist.

    Without further due, here is the 17 research topics:


















    It's not easy to produce proposals for such a dry topic (IMHO). But well, I have to admire their capability to tolerate the BS, to even think in this BS fashion, internalize this BS, and become thoughtful enough to put such concept together.

    Wow, I guess theirs minds are probably even smarter than mine. With that endurance and persistence, they could certainly do wonderful things, be successful and all that. And here they are, putting their mind into a study of these topics, certainly the prospective of where to start is totally beyond me. But as a human member, they have demonstrated an incredible character in spending energy and mind on something as arcane, uninteresting (to me at last) as these topics, I have to say, like the twins of greed, this sheds a hope on us ← who knows, somewhere, someone, will use this same character on something, good, and we will all be thankful then.

    So I think, there isn't a waste of mind, as long as your mind is working on something, and better be something boring, hard, no one likes to bother type. Even by just absorbing yourself into these so you don't let loose your brain power on something truly terrible, like crimes, then you are still doing the society a favor.

    What a bizzare logic this is!

    — by Feng Xia


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