Man, after watching the 東京女子図鑑, then the beijing version, I can not stand the shanghai version at all!!!

    What is wrong with these story tellers!!? I mean, really, what is wrong with you!? Can you, honestly, give some thoughts of what the original Japanese one is about, and be a better story teller when translating it to your local version!? Not only the story line is summarized as an immature girl fresh out of college starts her humble but ambitious life, then going through fortune and fame, and a dozen men in between, and there is a marriage, a divorce, and back to her home town to sigh and reflect, which, to me, is almost like plagiarism, but the details are full of what I would call the stereotype of women, and that's just disgusting!

    On the 2nd episode of the SH version, let me start with this.

    humble college graduates, and women

    Why!? Why the fresh college green must be humble, be talked to, mentored at, looked upon, like something better than dirt!? Why!? All of them are behaving cautiously as if s/he is afraid to step over some invisible mine. Why, why, why!? Why put up that kind of voice as if yourself is the dust that is worth nothing? Then privately vows to become someone who is outstanding, extraordinary!?

    This is just bizarre!!! Absolutely strange. And why all these girls must be like that? talk in a low voice, with smile while her thoughts are cursing that person in front of her. There is no reason at all. The workplace is assumed a hierarchy at the very beginning, and this is not a modern display of a women's growth, but a familiar plot of emperor's concubines fighting for a single man and his sperms!

    This, is the very tragedy of Chinese biz culture I have been criticizing about in many other blogs. Work is a place to communicate thoughts, contribute your know-hows, not where you climb the social ladder just to be looked at as a peer and colleague — fxxk it, if any company treat u like that. Trust me, it is not a good company at all, and never deserves your time. Zero. So just walk away.

    So back to the Japanese version, the girl was eager to get into Tokyo, but was never lacking her own thoughts and preferences — she didn't know better how to do many things at the beginning, but she was not playing stupid.

    Actually, I would say the character is, should be, quite the contrary. Who is to have a high dream of going to Tokyo, or Beijing or SH — the ones who have self-confidence, feeling she can do much things, ready to be crushed, and must have been crushed in life in some fashion already, thus thinking she can survive the unknown, and will come out alright. Right!? The conservative type will unlikely even take the first step of leaving at all. So for them, the show will stop at, what, episode 1!!??

    So this setup of them being bullied left and right at the beginning of their career is just illogical, and is the opposite of what she is.

    mini skirts

    And what's wrong with these women in office dressing mini skirts!? Even as a man who totally enjoys the scene and appreciate their long legs and fine skins, but really, this is becoming a fantasy show! Might as well set the plot in Mars!

    I know I know, this is not a reality show, not a reality check and you can argue that even the TV, the movie, by definition, is just another form of fantasy that give you mental high. I get it.

    But really, if they do care about their job, and I think they must do, otherwise, they can do other things besides coming to office everyday at all, and if they are as stylish as the plot is trying to make us believe, they simply should not be so careless at all! Mini skirt in office is like a big tag on the head that I'm going to sleep up the corporate ladder ← you can think and behave and try all you want, but who will broadcast her strategy while hopes to win? That's just plain stupid.

    the mentor

    Really, the first female mentor/idol must be some cold blood super stylish mature woman who is angry, picky, rich, and full of success symbols. Why, why, why?

    The experience they want to display can be shown in the quality of their idea, their document, their design or even PPT, but really, should be the last to be linked to their own dress, the handbag, and all that. You know why!? Because if she is sooo smart and wise and mature, she would have cared less about all these things, not that they don't wear them or buy them, but they know too well these are just symbols, and they don't need these to shout to other employees, especially lower ranks, by using them as her identity... that will be just, too, shallow, too 101, don't you think!?

    BS hr

    hr... what is wrong with these HR and their interviews!? No HR would ever dare to make statement in front of interviewee with a sneering tone!!!!! I don't care who they are and which company they represent, if they do that, the company should have fired them long time ago, because no company wants to be pictured an arrogant ass, certainly not worth it by only one HR employee!

    The only underline message I'm getting by this behavior is that:

    1. You interviewer's opinion and view of me and my company is meaningless. I don't care.
    2. Look how tough I am by trashing you in some way.

    Come one. This is just a display of power which is completely unnecessary, not to mention unprofessional, and actually quite, again, stupid.

    The reality is, yes, I don't care about your opinion, you can't harm my company, I can flunk you if I want.. but you know what, I'm not gonna tell you these at all, but keep them to myself, and maybe vented to my family or colleagues, but what's the point to display me as a nasty HR in front you, a 99.9999% stranger who I will overlap in life for, what, 1 hour!? I must be either insane, or just have a GIAAAAANT ego.

    men, men, men

    The center of a women's universe, is still, men... that's what I get from BJ and SH plots. Not thing they shouldn't have love and beakups and all that.


    You feel loneliness not only after your breakup. You feel fulfilled not only when you have a love. You want to find out who you are, what you want, why you like this but not that, why you love this but not that, long long before you meet anyone, and long long long after you two go separate ways. It's the self-reflection that builds you, the memory that kills you. The agony of not being able to forget that torment you day and night, and blocks you from ever feeling a strong emotion — anger, love, hate... but you want to know why, want to know why not me, want to know what I did wrong to get to where I am, what to know whether there is round 2, a reset, or a time machine.

    That's such a strong urge that, honestly, if you haven't had that, that is not love, and your man is just a mate, that fills your fantasy, your need for a time, but is bound to be thrown away, maybe mutually even.

    What it should have been

    The Japanese one is a good one. Not because it was the first one I watched, thus having the advantage of fresh mind, but because it describes a women's growth, mentally, not through her men, but through herself. I like 20,30,40, also because the story describes so well the struggle that is unique, yet so common, to the women at that age — the energy at 20s, the confusion at 30s, and the flame and cool down at 40s.

    I still remember the last episode of the JP one, that she sits by the curb and met her highschool mentor who suggested her to lower her dream for some mediocre college... the old woman was happy to see her, and was happy for her success. She was wise, and the character started to see how wise this woman was, even back in the highschool days.. she wasn't shooting down her dreams, but was being what her age should be, and see what the feeling in the end will be — something lost, something gain.

    You never feel the gains compensates enough the losses. But it's 10 years passing by, you can not turn back the clock. So is life, for everyone.

    The 40 some Japanese woman watching those young girls dancing and shouting, "courage!", turned around and said, "what do they know about courage? If I do that and shout courage, that means something."

    So true.

    少年不识愁滋味,爱上层楼。爱上层楼,为赋③新词强说愁。 而今识尽愁滋味, 欲说还休。欲说还休,却道天凉好个秋。

    — by Feng Xia


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