Hmmm... this video is very...disturbing.. and the comments below are even more so, disturbing.

    Before anything, I think this person is a thinker. It's actually very good, and I think he is very smart and observant, and he certainly is not following some made recipe → he is formulating a logic of his own, which he intentionally (and I think he is very much like me) to be different from others'. I usually will very much enjoy someone like this. But, but, his view point, well, is putting me off, completely.

    Geo type

    Number one, he has a completely wrong view by making a statement that US is behaving irresponsibly because it has the gene of a pirate ← because this country is next to oceans, and its counterpart is those countries on land such as France and Germany. This, is ridiculous!

    First of all, US territory is HUGE! It's comparable in size with any of these so called land countries — China, Russia... In particular, it's so much greater, I mean, in square miles, than France, Germany, that if the statement can qualify those two countries as so called having the land gene, the US will have to bear the same category → US is as much as land mass as any of the countries he is referring to in his talk.

    It's not the gene of the land that drives the policy and decisions, it's the need to expand (eg. Japan) or to defend your neighbour's expansion (anyone who has been invaded) that has always been the driving factor! Yes your geo will make this task easy or difficult, but the location is much of a God send -- well, you don't decide where your country lands on earth (in a high-level sense, that's why countries fight, so to find a better piece of grass!), just like not much you can decide who your parents are. Think about another case here, Poland, the poor country has been poorly defended because it is caught in between the Germany and the Russian. But why the two countries want to take over Poland instead of leaving it as a buffer zone between the two giants!? Wouldn't it be better to fight in someone else' home instead of your own!?... So my point is, expansion has a much deeper motivation than just a shallow view of continental type vs. oceanary type. In Poland's case, the racial/tribal factor and the religious factor have been the real reason why Russia want to take that land, and even there has been the historical bully vs. bullied sentiments (that Poland land owner was really harsh on Russians back then) that played a lot more important role in the experience of this country than anything else.

    you are born bad

    Further, such view point is the same as saying that you are bad guy because you were born in the wrong family ← doesn't this sound familiar, to any Chinese who are above age 30!? This is entirely ridiculous as far as anyone can reason! I think it's reasonable to have a view that all states are born evil, or all capitalists are bad blood.. that's totally fine, which also makes the whatever derived conclusion shaky if such view point is weak ← and to me, and I hope to many many others, this view point is not only weak, but is entirely, wrong! History has proven this over and over, and as a Physicist, as he claims himself to be, this is the same as saying that Earth is the center of the universe, not because we can prove it to be, but because all my previous generations say so! ... No! No! No!... you are all welcomed to make such assumption/statement, but it doesn't fulfills itself. You need proof, and I mean, sufficient proof, to back up this statement, and often enough, even in Physics, it is the cross-checks that will prove or disprove a statement. If we cross-check US, say, its historical performance/treatment of other countries or ppl or whatever, wouldn't you then draw the opposite conclusion from what he just said, that US will be the evil, just like any other empires that had failed the human race!?

    If we do a cross check, I would say that China will not even see today's achievements without the US, or Japan, or Europe, or many many others that are outside China, non Chinese citizens → thinking of today's wonder as if China has single-handedly made them happen is just, completely wrong! So, does it make the US good? bad? .. you tell me.

    ignoring history completely

    It's really strange to use the, what I would call bogus math, to back up a statement — it took Turky the empire 1,900 years to achieve what China has achieved in 29 years.... and!? Can this then lead to the conclusion that China is sooo much better than Turky in history!? Of course not!

    This is the exact version of the story we have all known when we were little, that a guy eats donuts to fill hunger. When he gets to the 10th one, he feels satisfied, then his conclusion is that he could have skipped all the nine ones and just eat the last one to have the same effect!!

    This logic ignores the fact that what is being compared carries completely different weight when viewed 500 years ago vs. now — it is an everyday cliche to have wifi and iPhone, but back to 500 years ago these will be the sci-fi maniac talk! So using such a logic to illustrate how stupid the history was is just, bizarre! Imagine a high school student makes a statement that "look, I know how the earth works in one class, and it took Greeks and Newton thousands of years to figure it out, how smart I am!!!!" Wouldn't you find it, funny!?

    China's achievement is based on an accumulation of all the wisdoms and trial-and-errors that other countries have done, including some humanity disasters this world has seen, I'm thinking about Russia's social experiment... this is the same when any kid disregard the effort of the family, friends, parents, teachers, society have put in to make his success, and simply say "look how hard I have worked, and therefore I deserve everything I have" ... this is not only naive, this is purely irresponsible and selfish. Period.

    race to the bottom

    This is the worst of all logic. He keeps using examples of Great Britain and how it broke up w/ US, and US's civil war to justify how evil US will be we let them help us. Whenever he challenges the views of other economists who supports US's critism of China's unfair play, his logic always quotes "look how bad you have been, so stop critizing me" approach ← this is what I call the race to the bottom method, and it is terrible! This logic links back the basis of his argument that because you have done something evil in the past, you will always be evil.

    Even more disturbing is that he essentially spins the logic that China shouldn't play by rules because the bullies (the US and its allies) defined the rules — this can be extended to just any scenario in life, that the rapist is innocent because, well, why did you wear that type of revealing clothes!?.... come on, get a grip, really. There will always be rules, and someone get to define them. There is nothing wrong with this fact. You can disagree the rules and change them, but by just quoting the rules themselves are the root of evil is completly circular logic — again, this is the equivalent to say that you are a bad guy because, well, you were born by bad parents, and so you, and your children and children's children will be just as bad.

    self-contradicting, everywhere

    The entire logic is just self-contradicting! He claims is the theory that the rise and fall of an empire is like a body flushing through cycles. Sure, I take that.

    But then, if this is driving the conclusion that thus US is being flushed out and China is taking over, wouldn't China be in the exact same position as the US in, say, 10 years!? Then what!? Doesn't this theory then predict China will then start to fall!? But, this isn't the message he is going with, is this!?

    How convenient then that he just say, "hey, look, I won't live that long, and you guys will witness this"... he likes quoting Karl Max. Max's theory is truly comprehensive that it describes/predicts the entire cycle of a society, and essentially after Communism, there isn't none exist, it's the end of road, paradise. But his, by exactly establish the cycle as he is so proud of, predicts the inevitably fall of the rise of China, and he did not address a single line how China should act differently to break this cycle.. or, should I even call what it actually is, the curse!?

    Further, there is always an implication the world is split between China and the rest, or the US vs. the rest..... he quotes US as if US people are an unity, therefore whatever technology US has developed is only by the US people, which are different from, say, the Chinese! How ignorant this view is!! Especially as a Physicist, this is rather strange he perceives the world in such a way — isn't US an aggregation of, I don't know, hundreds of nationalities, races, backgrounds, and so on!? Isn't what the technology is, especially the cutting edge ones, the fruit of brains and collaborations in an international scale!? Even the ones he is so proud of — 北斗, or building jets, are nothing short of a phenomenon that the world is flat!? Again, by seeing everything on the foundation of a foreign origin (physics, mathematics, computer science), and drawing the conclusion that "I'm the 牛屄est", is just insane!!! US, China, any country, is a mix of a lot of different people and ideas. Assigning credits to a country is simply wrong — I would say, forget about describing these things along the line of a country or state or government. Rather, it's a matter of a stack of brilliant minds that moved the entire human race forward to what we have today, regardless the border lines.

    Thirdly, he opened his line by saying that the trade war is not a war of ideology, but then eventually derives to the discussion that China should ban anyone who "helps US building infrastructure" because it is a traison ← isn't this ideological!?

    Last but not the least, it's fine to feel proud of yourself, but it is not fine to look down your peers/competitors/losers, especially when the word used is 文明 (civilization)! No, China is not the only civilization that still beats and kicks and feeling lively. All these long-life civilizations — Greek, Indian, or Slavonic, or Russian, or Native Indian, are just as wonderful and amazing as any, and they are not dead!! What an arrogant view when he thinks only China is carrying the human torch, like Noah, while everyone else is lying dead!

    Last words

    ..... Haven't written something like this for a while. I have to say, I admire his confidence, but disagrees completly his arguments. I won't have the same level of logical organization of materials and thoughts, but I know I will not get to his conclusions, none ← actually knowing this makes me, happier now.

    — by Feng Xia


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