Listening to this talk this morning, the thought hit me. How do you look at this game?

    Games, in my humble opinion, are just, bad. I know it's unfair to say so since I have grown out of that addiction phase, and every boy/man will go through that sometime in their life, inevitably. I don't know the psyche or chemistry or bio-trigger behind this phenomenon. There must be reason, especially a chemical reason. Brain likes it not because it feels good, because there is a chemical stuff that equals feeling good — just the same stuff in different outfit, gamble = sex that kind of high.

    But what bothers me is this. When the entire Chinese population is so trenched in their moral high ground through education (which myself is a victim, too) that the recent history of humiliation started with the Opium War caused by nothing but foreign bully and their blood-thirsty greed, don't they see the parallel of what they are doing right now, with this game!?

    When investors are getting a high from Tencent's big hit, how is it different from the East Indian Company was rewarded for their success in selling this great stuff called Opium to the unexplored super market — the Orient/the great middle kingdom of China? It's the same in my opinion.

    Because for market and investment, there is nothing about moral, nothing about right and wrong (and who gets to define these anyway? do you really even know what a right is? Is there even such a thing as being right?) It is all about returns, which is objective, clear cut, and zero-emotion. As long as the market responds positively and cash flows in, investors are happy. These same set of investors can, at the same time, be mad at some other corporations who are doing the evil by ruining some other people's lives. If the suffering is remote enough, and I do mean remote being in both the geographical sense and logic sense, it become just another news slip crossing the screen.

    This is curious then. In human core, we do not operate on facts, at all. We operate on a set of images we believe → beliefs. These beliefs are self-fulfilling. They can be completly contradictory, yet causing no hesitation in one's thought or behavior. We don't even realize them in most times. We can equally defend them one way or the other. They are just equally true.

    So how do you explain feelings like shame, disappointment, regret, anger? Aren't they then just a creation of yourself, because they came from perceived misalignment between your belief versus facts? If so, doesn't it mean that you then don't have a justification to whine, to feel bad, to become angry or annoyed, or to feel that way at all? Extending this out, doesn't it mean all critics become pointless, because they are based on a view, and that is just subjective and arbitrary? How do you look at history then, such as the Opium War? It is a national scar. But since their motivation and execution back then were just as natural and logical as what we are seeing right now with Tencent, how can one continue to blame the war and those barbarians?

    How about public opinion then? How about a popular belief that everyone adopts, at least for now? If all these go out of the window, how do we act? Shouldn't I still feel anything? If they are all just my own wishful thinking, why can't I change a view and viola, all the bad stuff are just disappear? In other words, why can't I fool myself all of the time? If I could, then isn't it really becoming a Matrix world, in which no one is living; they are merely experiencing a virtual blank. How scary is that!

    I don't know. This one seems to raise more questions than it answers. I was meant to criticize the Tencent fans for their paradox. But then, what am I to judge? The paradox is valid; but I could not explain, nor have a solution. I feel it is so universally true that it's even false to point it out as I am doing (I think I'm doing).

    What a bizarre and convoluted reasoning?

    — by Feng Xia


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