This is an interesting thought. I am listening to this talk show about 三里屯, and guests are discussing the come and go of bars in this place. For those who don't know this place, it's a section in BJ that has a lot of bars which aggregated young ppl and foreigners.

    What's interesting of the topic is when a guest mentioned about bars in Europe, for example, that had its good days and bad days. Yet it's still there after 30, 40 years. The owner is now a middle age man instead of a young fella, and the place is still running, even with a taste of similar food, similar decoration, a few more photos that ppl can recognize the link between then and now, a trace of heritage.

    Doesn't this description remind you the well-known play, Teahouse 茶 馆? The backdrop of the play was a turmoil era in the Chinese history when the world was experiencing the WWI and WWII. Many were lost, disrupted, changed. In the play, the teahouse was passed down from generation to generation, business as usual, ppl all know each other, and time seemed stopped. Then, it all went down when the war started, the era changed, the ppl fought to survive, and the ugly and the beauty went upside down. What makes me think now is, isn't it a sign of maturity and stability, thus an overall prosperity for the society, that the existence of such a lasting heritage represents? But then, isn't change inevitable so it's fruitless to fight against it? Isn't stopping the clock a scare?

    I don't know. People in change are longing for stability; people in stability are longing for a change. This applies to marriage, to jobs, to a life style, to even a dress code and a fashion. What do we want then?

    — by Feng Xia


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