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Man, after watching the 東京女子図鑑, then the beijing version, I can not stand the shanghai version at all!!!

What is wrong with these story tellers!!? I mean, really, what is wrong with you!? Can you, honestly, give some thoughts of what the original Japanese one is about, and be a ...


Reflection on technology

Stanislav Petrov

This, is an excellent topic, excellent!! I love it.

We need reflection of technology, of the terms tech talks use to promote themselves and to dwarf others. I have argued before that the so called 弯道超车 is ridiculous and outright disgusting. Period. This implies to take a shortcut ...



Noah and I had a curious conversation. While pulling off the highway towards the Reader's Corner, I asked him to ...



I have been thinking about the word "globalization" in the last couple days. I used to use it a lot during my MBA days as if it's a magic word that fits into any topic, any slides, and made it look instantly a good one, thus bringing me good ...



I have been listening to this midnight talk show by this woman/girl for the last few weeks on and off, and found it quite fascinating, not that it's sentimental and discussing the eternal topic of love that is guaranteed to acquire attention and discussion and audience. I found ...



This is a stressful day. What a day! Everything started on the normal footing, until I looked at emails in the inbox and saw a comment of my writing being an offender of plagarism — wow!

Indeed. Wow!

I don't know what else I could say about it. Up to ...


History, choice

This is a tough one, actually, because the topic is really deep. In this aftermath of the Nortre Dame fire, the idea of restoring the damage immediately comes to everybody's mind.

Inevitably, however, there are always, two choices — to rebuild it as it was, or to build it as ...



There is magic in music. There is.

I'm listening to this song, a song I have never heard of, and the singer I have never heard of. Yet, it makes me so sad, so sad. It's not the words, not the performance, not the story in a MTV ...



Yes, I'm very much frustrated, last night in particular, that I'm getting fed up by the bullshift question seeking for decision, while at the meantime the other party gives little information, and has pretty much made up mind already of what they wanted to do — so hell, why ...


Stay connected

It is indeed quite a long time, 21 years. A friend of mine reminded me that, this year has been the 21st year since we knew each other. This is also the age of the internet chat I would say, because we met each other online, as an early adopter ...


Ten years

I'm scared. I had an uneasy sleep last night, worrying about a lot of things. In particular, I worried about time, about myself getting old. At age 46, it seems absurd that I'm feeling old. Yet, that's how I'm feeling these days, and it is not ...


City life

I find it curious. Listening to a sentimental talk show on the Netease music app, the kind that a young woman's pretty face as the icon, and a soothing voice that suggest the picture you see is her, and slow, relaxing, late night style light music in the background ...


Human grouping

How curious! Human, I do mean the general population whom I observe in various settings, always get excited by a thing, a place, another person, that has practically speaking nothing to do with him/her, but yet, they are so eager to make a connection with that thing, that place ...



This is pretty amazing — "Google killed 2.3 billion ‘bad ads’ in 2018, down 28% from 2017". I'm thinking the sheer number and complexity involves to make detection, and to take action against these 2.3 billion bad Ads. This is an absolute tech challenge, not to mention the ...



I start to understand now, better perhaps, than before, that what self-esteem feels like, and why women have this anxiety of so.

With aging I start to notice that hair is becoming less, and this has been bothering me for the last few weeks when I started to notice it ...


What is engineering

I have been thinking, and probably being pissed off at the current status of the work, that whether the concept of engineering in my mind is the problem, or what I perceive is correct and it's the others who are not getting it.

So, what is engineering? I recall ...


Strange fate

Have you had this feeling before? that something is off, and things are happening in a strange way?

This is how I felt yesterday and the day before. Went to see a medical surgeon to take care of that bump on the back of my head. At parking lot, out ...



Caught a full bag of stars. Last time I had this moment was in 2004 just before I was leaving for Beijing. Fourteen years later, there they are again, glittering, haven't changed.

There must be an interlink between humans. I can't believe that a movie like Fahrenheit 11 ...



Time is indeed relative.

I was talking to Noah about this this morning — why one feels the time in the morning always flies by? Theoretically time is uniform, it ticks by the second all the time, at the same pace. It doesn't change over the course of a day ...


Bizzare logic

U want know some bizzare logic? Here is one, from a terrible ridiculous argument w/ Noah's mom.

She said at dinner table that she has applied two charter schools for Noah. I then asked what are these two schools, and want to know more about them. We talked about ...