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Sound of silence

What is everybody looking for? Identity? I see people in the middle of the social rung are all searching for something. Waking up this morning and walking on the street, the place was certainly busier after the holiday, more ppl, more cars, more purpose. Do ppl at the bottom of ...


What a day

I was sitting in this underground little food court, breathing the muggy air, eating a spicy food, watching people coming in and out, full of life, full of noise, full of hope. Yet, I kept wondering that everybody here has one type of headache or another in their lives, just ...


My la la land

Maybe it's the travel, maybe it's the stress of my dad's worsening health condition, maybe I'm tired from all these and trying the impossible without knowing the loss is done already. But I know why I'm sad. The life went the way I hoped but ...