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Who said it first, that the difference between human and other animals is that human can make belief, that we can imagine things, a scenario, a life, that does not exist. Therefore we invented arts, movies, music, literature ← all the existence that human can be proud of, and the only ...


Another Friday

I don't know how to put today. Another Friday, sunny, humid, hot.

This is the last day for many who were affected from last round of layoff. Ran into a couple people I know yesterday and this morning. Though I barely know any of them personally or through work ...


Life like a turtle

Walking back from gym a moment ago, passing the 奈何桥 I was always joking about with her back then. Nice, cool late Spring day, beautiful weather, beautiful sunshine, beautiful sky, almost beautiful day. Out of the glittering sun reflection off the pond, there was this lazy dark patch floating over ...



Have you had a funny feeling on someday, that something is happening, to someone, someone that jumps to your mind at the first thought when you had that feeling? That's how I felt today. I don't know what it is. If looking at this line I just wrote ...


What is your song

Have you ever felt, that someday, there is a song, that makes you think of, someone? And this song, always, always, reminds of, of that person, regardless how remote and ...


Rain rain rain

Rain, rain, rain. Not quite actually. It's cloudy, misty, and is about to rain. Nothing really special for an early Spring day. Some flowers have bloomed, and some are on their way.

Like walking in this mist, reminds me the days I was wondering around in Suzhou, the college ...


Forget someone

Forget someone, is hard.

Your image kept popping into my head this morning, on treadmill, on a path walked from building to building, in the sun, by the shadow of a tree, in the cold winter air, or warmth of a ray that brings one of billion-th of energy for ...


Watching cloud

When was the last time I watched clouds floating by? when was the last time you watched clouds floating by?

I can't recall it anymore. It felt like a strange memory. Do you know when you are staring at clouds, you feel it is moving towards you, becoming larger ...


Turning a cycle

Life is turning a cycle. Landed in Siem Reap w/ Noah last night. Immigration was at snail speed, reminded me what I have already forgotten — perhaps it was just as slow, but w/ her, time flew by. There were a young Japanese couple on the shuttle bus going from terminal ...



What makes a city? what makes a good city? I wonder.

I start to have a mixed feeling of Shanghai, from love, to dislike, to annoyed, to now feeling, maybe, I could live here, someday. It is, tolerable, in a sense that, it is so massive and dynamic, and there ...


People watching

Traveling is indeed relaxing. I think I know why → first of all, you don't have the daily chore to deal with, no daily routine, no daily worries, no family, no kids, no work. Second, in a new place, it always spells opportunity, unknown, as if everything is now possible ...



Walking on the road this morning. Chilly early winter day. Rained for the last two days (or really just on and off of yesterday), and temperature has dropped to the point that I feel the winter smell.

What makes you sad? and makes you wonder? what makes you to have ...


Missing you in this city

Why? for some reason, I can always feel your existence, somewhere, around the corner, in this city. Walking on the street in this massive metropolitan, what's the odds that I could ever meet you again? Yet, I can't shake the feeling that you are somewhere, somewhere really close ...


Early morning

I'm getting used to getting up early to feed them. But I still can't get used to not thinking of you, when I'm awake, when I'm lying there in an early winter morning like this. Where are you?

I don't know where you are anymore ...


Life without meaning

I don't know. All of a sudden while walking back from gym to office, I felt this moment of, emptiness. Really. It's a sensation I never had before. It's not a strong feeling, but distinctly there, that life is blank, meaningless.

I lost the touch of what ...


A dream

I had a dream, as vivid as it can be, that I was walking next to you. You were wearing the black dress, the one you look so refined and elegant in. I reached out to your hand, but you retrieved it inside your sleeve, and only after a couple ...


Not feeling well, today

But this screenshot from kiki brightens my day ~~

I miss 米粒儿和米答应. Sometimes I feel really sorry that I feel like I have walked out of their life. Maybe she feels that way, too. But then I know I didn't. I didn't mean to, and I did what I ...



Walking out from a shadow after a morning gym session, my eyes were blinded, for a while, as if I was walking across a border between two worlds, a new life? a re-birth? It felt good, when the summer heat hit on your skin that has just emerged from a ...


Moment of quietness

It's quiet here. Office is deserted due to the upcoming long weekend. It feels rather strange. Listening to the song makes me to think of you, and the days agains. Mr.Makato is still here. He is always here early in the morning, and leave late at night. Is ...


How many can one love

Train is an interesting, amazing thing. Never thought I will be sitting on a train (CalTrain) which brought me a feeling of riding train in China.

I haven't expected to see your messages, because I think it is the right thing to do that I should disappear from your ...