Have you had this experience, that something you are familiar with, suddenly slowed down, which made you feel that everything was in a slow motion?

    I know, it sounds pretty strange, and it is indeed strange. On the way to work this morning I was listening to my all time favourate movie, and for some reason I was playing it in a 1.5x slower speed than normal, and how strange it all sounded! The speech, the music, the vibes, all slowed down just a bit! I could still tell the voices, plots, not like that the voice was changed to some low tone when you play the records really really slowly. No. They were pretty much intact, but you could sense the pace of it felt, different.

    It was quite an interesting experience. Then, cars going by. I suppose they were driving in their normal speed, even they felt, slowed down — the drivers were not as aggressive as usual, and the whole rythm of life was on a slow track of some sort. It was a matrix glitch.

    I wouldn't think it will make much of a difference if you just played a track for the first time. It's only the familiarity of thing that has ingrained you with a certain perception which created this disparity effect. So like everything else, it's your own perception that got you think what is normal and what is not. But in reality, there isn't such a thing as being normal, it's all in your mind.

    Dropped Noah at school this morning. On the way out I ran into Dana and Jack. She said she is leaving Lenovo. I suppose her meeting with her new boss on Monday didn't go well. What a bummer! This is really sad. Really. I never met the guy, but honestly, I have zero interest meeting him or even talking to him. Just by looking at his professional profile gives me a fit, a young HR director in the 30s and is workholic... but really, my experience with Chinese version of workholic is that they work in low efficiency, has no vision of the work they are working on, putting in no thoughts into how to make this work better because they are plainly told what to do so they think they are doing the job just because they are doing what was told. Often they have zero understanding (or worse, wrong understandings) of the objective, and just blindly executing them since the boss is the brain — just so wrong! There is no crowd wisdom, no contribution, no discussion, no collaboration, just command and serfdom.

    Really. Even as a HR person, if his style is just telling ppl what to do without asking, motivating, inspiring and encouraging, forget it, he is in the wrong business, and whoever puts him in this position has no fxxx clue what HR is about → it's not a management, hello!!!? It's not hiring, training, filling a position where another screw is needed. It's caring and monitoring and putting yourself into others' pain and frustration at work, and trying to understand, to balance, and to make ppl feel comfortable with where they are and what they do. That's hard work because who wants to really understand another human's problem and ambition and problems in life?

    I don't know. This world is crazy. The BS ppl gets what they want by elbowing other ppl aside, while rewards go to these bullies. It's a Darwin's jungle. Sometimes I wonder whether this is also just my perception, like the slow motion experience I just had this morning? But, as of this moment, I think not. They are just BS ppl, and they disgust me to the core, not because they are bad or anything, but because they dress themselves up as if they are intelligent and powerful and knowing what they are doing, while in my eyes they are imbecile and coward that they took the easy way out by shouting their want but no asking and interest of what they mean to others.

    So, fellas, if you ever come across my path that way, don't even slow down. Just go as fast as you are preferring to, to your hell.

    — by Feng Xia


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