I wonder, whether the bias that I feel, is actually self-selected!?

    This occurred to me when I was browsing Slashdot at lunch, and started to realize that as a pattern which applies to everybody, you will only click into the comment for the titles you find interesting — this sounds very much legit and correct.

    But, wouldn't it enforce your interest in a certain topic because, like Noah's swimming practice, the more you practice, the better you become. Thus, the more you read about a certain topic, which started with a vague interest perhaps, the more you know about the content and topic and context, the more then you find the consequent reports and similar topics easy to understand, and more likely to provoke an emotion, which makes you feel the topic is dearer to you than others.

    Another proof of this is that when I was reading the title Researchers Identify the Origins of Metabolism, 53 comments, Hubble Captures Cosmic Fireworks In Ultraviolet (phys.org), 35 comments, hina Is Forcing Tourists To Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border, 216 comments — this echos how I feel when I'm using Youtube these days, and Amazon Prime → the recommended list are becoming more and more, homogeneous, and I can't help feeling that my horizon of information is becoming narrower and narrower.

    This, is indeed, disturbing! Not only that there is now external forces, like these suggestion algorithms, but I wonder whether our own brain is calling for this same food, thus finding comfortable when being presented with such an ever-shrinking diversity? A common perception of the old is that they are not open-minded, that they are often at odds with the popular trend and new things. Now I wonder whether this is just the true nature of our brain — after years of practice following this, instinct (for lack of a better word), one will certainly become very good at it, not mention if it is already a built-in component, like a strong pull, in this direction, to begin with! So the old are married with their rather fixed set of interests, just like all of us are, and have lost energy to consume diverse information because reading and listenning to unfamiliar information is very taxing on your brain, and perhaps your heart also.

    So really, the problem is that a person is getting weaker and weaker with aging, thus the brain is constantly selecting the least-resistant path, which then translates to this tendency, and manifested as a self-selected "bias" ← I quoted the word bias because, after all, what is a bias, if everyone is entitled to have his/her own opinion, and there isn't such a thing as commonly agreed right or wrong!? Doesn't it make that my words is just as equally sound or evil as yours.... Now I see why we need God, if only there is such a super being who can be the judge, who can call out a right or wrong, who one can turns to, as if we turn to a judge or policeman in life → it does feel good. Interesting.

    The so called curiosity, is indeed a fire in one's mind. It gets weaker and weaker, for whatever reason. Someone's had died down long time ago; others become smaller flame, and still burn, for a while. I wonder how big is my fire inside!? and when it is out, what becomes of me? A walking dead? or just everyone else — those bigfoots, when I viewed myself as the smallfoot, a human?

    — by Feng Xia


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