Browsing wechat friend posts, and one image, as common as it actually is, the never say no type of moral pump, suddenly got me thinking.

    I used to think the can do attitude is so positive, energetic, optimistic, worth holding on, worth broadcasting, worth preaching, worth teaching, worth affecting everyone around me. After all, wasn't that my motto and I tried to teach Noah that, too, that the never give up spirit? But when it is used broadly within a context just about anything you can think of, in job, in life, it feels so, vain, so going into a battle while disregarding the odds in reality. What about cut loss and run?

    Why never say no!? How do you know the condition permits you to say yes? shouldn't we just quit, sometimes, when our judgement tells us it's not a good idea to go forward? Like yesterday when Noah and I played openra and the rush AI just threw at me an army of artileries while my defense was not up to hold on → so I quit. What type of example and message I have just sent to Noah then? Quitting? Giving up? but don't we sometimes just need a reset? Yes, I think we all do.

    Further, wouldn't it be better to question everything instead of just accepting the status quo and nod? Why should I commit myself into a never say no land while no one, including me, has an idea, has control, of the future? Even if I agree with the slogan, isn't it just an empty promise? Interestingly this morning NPR was talking about the NFL kneeling down situation, and one girl was saying "they never fully explained what this is about? how long is it going to be? how far is it going to be? what are we trying to achieve? why am I doing this? .... " exactly. Aren't we supposed to do our own critical thinking just like that so to make our own judgement on these issues, any issues?

    I think the can do attitude is still good, but not with a slogan-ish propaganda blanketing everything underneath. Yes you need to hold on to difficult times, if you decide it is worthwhile, for whatever justification you have for yourself. No one should tell you to do that; yourself is the only agent you can rely on, should rely on, and can rely on. Use your own judgement, don't just say yes. Question the heart out of its origin, intention, argument and assumption. I really like the her line "why am I doing this?" You can still do it, or not, just that it is a conscious decision instead of someone made the decision for you, because otherwise, you actually gave yourself up while you thought you were living towards to the never give-up life, and how ironic that will be. Very.

    — by Feng Xia


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