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    Project GKP is an interesting one. It is a web tool that helps high school graduates in China to find a right college. The grand vision is to make it a one-stop shop to get information that are mostly relevant at each step of research.

    When we first conceived this idea, the leader in this field was a Chinese startup company, 高考派(aka. GKP). It was rumored that the company was facing a pending acquisition with a enticing price tag. After diving into their site for a few weeks, we came to realize that beneath the skin of their application, its baseline data was seriously broken. For example, GKP's core feature was its historical exam data. However, we found a dozen similar sources all claimed to have the same data set. But surprisingly there have been hard reached to find agreement between any of the two data sets! This cast a serious doubt on the validity of these services. Further analysis of them made it clear that even though China's college admission is centralized around test scores, selecting the right school is not. There are rich set of peripheral information that students and their families would like to consider besides a test score. But none of them offered much help.

    Therefore, we have shifted our strategy and embarked on a different journey. Score is becoming one facet of a multi-dimension information repository. We focused on identifying channels and means students are using to acquire information, and the types of information that they would want to have access to at different context of research — what is important to know about the city? the school itself? the people in school? how easy to get there and come home?... Utilizing advanced techniques we have built data pipeline that finds the answer for you.

    Read on about its functions and design considerations and try your hand with demo.

    1. state, city and a school map
    2. everything about a school
    3. majors

    — by Feng Xia


    SPA: a cofiguration Dashboard

    Project SPA Dashboard demo
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    World Snapshot
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