Have you observed something that ppl do, and you just wonder what the hell*? Yes, I find human behavior very puzzling. Maybe it's just me that is not connected with surroundings and felt isolated. But seriously, there are just these things that ppl do that I can't help thinking the word irrational is too polite to describe.

    These days, nothing annoys me more than the morning rush and aggressive drivers. So I was driving to work seven o'clock in the morning in my little Prius C which can only go that fast on the road anyway, and boy, cars were just tailgating, then got impatience, swing to the next lane, bypassing me as if running from a disease, there might even be some dirty look involved and a few curses like asian guy just doesn't know how to drive that type of thing. But seriously!?

    First of all, there are like a million cars right in front of me, and they are all driving more or less in the same speed, so bypassing me at your top speed only means one thing → step on your brake so you don't hit the car right in front of me → seriously, don't you know distance / speed = time?

    Just out of curiosity, who leaves house seven o'clock in the morning instead of staying in their cozy houses? Chances are we are all going to work. Well, so ask yourself, how many ppl you know who at least claim that they *love their jobs? Few I suppose. So here are these enthusiastic drivers who are eager to get to work! I mean, I can understand there are some ppl who might have emergency to take care, some who are just love their jobs, but seriously, the disproportional number of cars going fast on the road just amazes me. I wonder what type of paradise they work at?

    On the similar note, if you do have something so important that you have to rush like this, well, quoting my beloved Professor Michel: there is always an earlier train. So get up earlier! The highway is open 24x7, you know that, right?

    And here is something even more fantastic. Ppl literally step on their gas to pass me while I was cruising towards a RED light!? wow, this is just beyond my comprehension completly, ultimately, thoroughly. uh, are you going to drive through it? I would love to see it. I thought you are in a hurry, why stop?... I don't know. They are either blind, or just stupid. If passing me gives them pleasure, I guess that's one positive way to look at this.

    Then, there is the control. There have been quite a few times the annoying driver turned out be someone working in the same company cause we all pulled in the same parking lot. Here stepping out some harmless looking man or woman, I just wonder why they were so impatient while now they are just taking the slow stroll as everyone else to the office, no hurry, no rush, no enthusiasm anymore. Why? Were they really pushy, or it was just my perception that was faulty? I tend to blame the rear view mirror for this — didn't it have a label saying "object seems closer than it actually is"? But then, why making them look closer, if being closer makes personal uncomfortable? Yeah, it's all rear view mirror's fault. Peace.

    Pickups. Pickups are the worst. They bully, just because they can. Once a while I got the same move over slow ass type of gesture from small engine cars, too! and that just felt strange. Shouldn't we small engines support each other? Apparently not so. This, I think, also signifies what we see in society, that ppl in weak positions don't bundle together. Instead, they actually tread each other to get ahead, even the gain is small. Interesting. But don't they sometimes all uniformly doing the same wrongs also as if they are so tightly integrated that nothing different can be tolerated and even imagined!? So what sway them one way or another?

    I don't know. Human is a mysterious being to me. Or, maybe my sense just got it all wrong. How sad.

    — by Feng Xia


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