• Python dev since 1998.
  • MBA, and delivered million $ software project w/ success.
  • Build any web application from napkin design to Django POC in 72 hours.
  • Full-stack capable.
  • Welcome challenging problem.
  • Have a high standard in work quality (see work samples below).
  • SalesForce advocate.
  • Also available in: LinkedIn PDF


Software development Python C ODOO/OpenERP SQL Salesforce APEX Cordova Google app engine Git SVN Bower Yeoman Jira
Web application Django Ansible ReactJS AngularJS jQuery Materialize Bootstrap Jinja2 Pelican
Data visualization Graphviz Cytoscape.js netjsongraph.js D3plus Highchart Google chart MetricsGraphics chart.js Plotly.js dygraphs
QA Selenium HP LoadRunner SonarQube Cucumber Redmine Bugzilla
System design pencil & paper UML PlantUML Dia Visio
System deployment Amazon EC2,RDS,S3 uWSGI Nginx Apache Builtbot Fabric
System monitoring ELK stack InfluxDB Grafana Cacti Nagios
System administration Salesforce RedHat Satellite RedHat RHHI Redhat Ansible Tower AWS
Documentation LaTex Markdown reveal.js Confluence Org mode Word Powerpoint Excel MS Project Taskjuggler


Advisory Engineer
Lenovo US
11/2016 - present

  • Author of the Lenovo Open Cloud reference architecture and Red Hat Hyperverged Infrastructure for Virtalization reference architecture. Published on 5/5/2019.

  • Lenovo Open Cloud product. Led overall design of the product including architecture, service implementation, CICD. Developed playbooks and Python scripts automating RHHI deployment on baremetal. Same design has gained strong interests in multiple Lenovo high profile projects.

  • Lenovo Open Cloud product. Forked Netbox by Digital Ocean. Retrofit its models and added functions to make it data center planning and orchestration tool. Extended Netbox architecture to include Redis for async task. Scripted switch and server scanning to draw topology of server-switch & switch-switch physical connections. Source code in github.

    • Tools: Django, Celery, Redis, Postgresql, Ansible, pexpect
    • Sample writings: Netbox design
  • VX Installer product. Designed system architecture. Coded Django backend and RESTful API.

    • Tools: Django, Tastypie, Celery, Redis, Ansible, Canonical charms, Docker
    • PPT: Architecture of VX Installer
  • Workload Solution Store project. Evaluated service orchestration technologies and developed Lenovo's core competence in automating baremetal provisioning.

Founder, Consultant
PY Consulting
01/2015 - 11/2016
Raleigh, NC

  • Wei Fashion Group project. Wei Fashion Group is an international fashion product trading company. Designed and built an inventory management and order tracking system in four weeks. Developed Android prototype in two weeks. Played a key role in setting up its Shenzhen subsidiary. Invited as feature speaker by "2016 Jiuzhou e-Commerce Convention" on Dec 8th, 2015, Shenzhen, China.

  • GKP project. Designed a web reference tool assisting Chinese high school graduate selecting domestic colleges. Featuring information about 3,383 colleges and universities, 1,663 majors, two million historical exam records and 50,000 lines per minute live chat stream.

  • Stock analysis project. Developed an open-source web application that runs stock trading simulation with step-by-step transaction trace. User can test strategy and view comparisons with actual S&P500 daily data and China’s S&P500 equivalent. Asynchronous design puts CPU intense computation to background processed by multithreading consumer.

  • Linkage project. Linkage Ltd. is a Chinese start-up software company specializing ODOO module development. Built ODOO’s continuous integration (CI) server. Customized ODOO inventory management system. Authored the company’s “2016-17 Technology Roadmap”.

Beijing Lean Strategy Consulting Group
11/2013 - 01/2015
Beijing, China

  • Responsible for a $3-million fixed-bid software contract. Client is a Fortune-500 company. Project included designing and developing full-stack web and mobile applications which replaced three legacy systems.

  • Design system architecture using SOA technologies. Managed evaluation of ESB, BPM and database components.

  • Supervised two vendor invitation-for-bids. Responsible for $1.2-million RMB ($200,000 USD) purchase.

  • Managed QA team to automate regression tests. Coded two thousand test cases in TDD syntax, Python Unittest and Selenium webdriver. Built QA continuous integration infrastructure using Jenkins and SonarQube.

    • Tools: Python, Selenium webdriver, PhantomJS, Jenkins, SonarQube
  • Enhanced company's standard operating procedure (SOP), including initiation of an online knowledge base, a project management system and a configuration management system.

    • Tools: Redmine, SVN
  • Setup a local service team. Screened hundreds of resume and interviewed nearly one hundred candidates.

Project Manager
CrunchTime! Information Systems
07/2010 - 11/2013
Boston, MA

  • Provided technical support to client on administrating our ERP product. Initiated statement-of-work(SOW) and followed it through development, user-acceptance-test(UAT) and deployment.

    • Tools: Jira, MS Project, Taskjuggler
  • Played a key role in pre-sales to Yum!China, Yum!’s most profitable branch at the time. Analyzed over 600 pages of requirements covering operation of fourteen departments. Worked closely with CEO and Yum!’s senior executives to outline deal structure. Participated in all key decisions regarding this deal.

  • In charge of administrating Salesforce production instance, including setting up workflows, triggers, approval processes, a customer portal and a vendor portal.

    • Tools: Salesforce APEX
  • Customized Salesforce Customer Portal using APEX, Visualforce and jQuery. The portal won Bronze in the “2011 Steve Awards for Sales & Customer Service”.

    • Tools: Salesforce APEX, Visualforce, jQuery, CSS
  • Built the company's first mobile application prototype using Cordova, HTML5 and jQuery Mobile.

    • Tools: Cordova, HTML5, jQuery mobile, Google map API, AT&T yellow page API
  • Built user-acceptance-test(UAT) library using Python-Selenium, reducing one UAT cycle from 40-man-hour to less than 2 hours.

    • Tools: Python, Selenium webdriver, Django
Business Manager
China Everbright Bank
04/2009 - 04/2010
Beijing, China

  • Supervised two vendor invitation-for-bids. In charge of a $2-million purchase of a software system. Managed system implementation, customization, training and administration.

    • Tools: Word, Powerpoint, Project
  • Setup Business Analysis team from ground up. Created report templates and analysis framework. Analysis results were the basis of two loans of substantial amount.

  • Led team to create drafts of contracts, business policies, workflows and training materials.

Team Lead
Bit9 Inc. (Carbon Black)
04/2004 - 05/2007
Cambridge, MA

  • Led a breakthrough in endpoint application control product, which played a key role in winning Bit9 a $6-million B-round led by Kleiner Perkins.

    • Tools: NT kernel, Python, Graphviz
  • Member of Bit9's SaaS team. Built the world's largest Windows binary repository at the time featuring four billion data records. Wrote C++ parser for Windows binary PE formats.

    • Tools: VC++
  • Hands on experience with undocumented NT kernel data structures and rootkits.

    • Tools: NT kernel, rootkits, VMWare
Senior Engineer
Instron Corp.
07/1998 - 04/2004
Canton, MA

  • Developed embedded controller of Instron’s impact tester line (9250HV).

    • Tools: RTOS, C, Python
  • Developed embedded controller of two million-dollar projects. Led system training.   

    • Tools: RTOS, C, PLC
  • Initiated a new product line -- closed-loop Brinell hardness tester.

    • Tools: RTPS, C, VB
  • Assisted in training the company’s first Chinese R&D team.


Boston University
04/2007 - 09/2008
Boston, MA

  • Major: International Management Program
  • GPA: 3.75/4.0
  • Recipient of "High Honor and Dean’s Achievement Scholarship"
  • "Certificate of International Management Program"
  • 2nd place in the "13th Annual Net Impact Case Competition"
Master of Science
Ohio University
09/1995 - 05/1997
Athens, OH

  • **Major: Telecommunication, Digital Signal Processing
  • GPA: 3.5/4.0
  • "Student Employee of the Month"
Bachelor of Science
Shanghai Jiaotong University
09/1990 - 07/1994
Shanghai, China

  • Major: Power System Automation
  • GPA: 3.15/4.0