Found this on Reddit. China and all your patriotic supporters, don't take this view. It's annoying, and will not make you strong.

    This must be a super upsetting day for Noah, after a super good day for him and me yesterday, that he brought home his EOG report with a 4 for ELA and a 5(!) for Science!! Very cool very cool ~~~

    Then, his beloved sunflower, the only survivor planted in the Spring, snapped near the root, and is already withering in front of our eyes. He tried to duck tape them back, but of course that won't work. I asked him pull the stem in the house so we can take a good look at it, and later give it a proper bury instead of letting it rot outside → so it won't be just another out of sight, out of mind, event for him. He shed some tears cause he really loved his sunflower. It was a fine plant, growing already about 5 feet tall now, and seems going strong. Looking closely at the wound, I think the stem had a bite mark when it was little, likely from the same offender who bited all the other sunflowers to death when they were young. So now growing tall and started to become top heavy, we noticed it was tilting this morning. Noah built a small support (duck taped together with two sticks) earlier. But when he tried to correct it even further, it snapped. This is an accident waiting to happen, not entirely really his fault at all. But he doesn't link these dots yet, and that's the pitfall of both why this is upsetting, and why I am using it as an opportunity to learn a lesson — accidents will happen. Some you can recover from, but there are others you can do nothing about. So it's better to be careful up front to avoid accidents. That's all one can do, and is all one should do, and when accident happens, all will be too late.

    Sorry Noah. I understand this is upsetting. I really do. I want to give you some console. But at the mean time, learning the reality of this is more important and valuable than having a shoulder to lean on so to pass it quickly ← I won't be there all the time. So don't count on a shoulder of others. Instead, become smarter, wiser, calmer, it will be much better that way for you, than hoping someone will fix it for you.

    Huawei's backup and weak logics

    Already wrote about Huawei. Had a few more lunch conversation w/ colleagues, all Chinese living here. The consensus is uniform, that Huawei is bluffing ← if their backups are so good, why haven't they been using them already?

    I feel this logic is actually interestingly, bad! Here is why.

    First of all, this is a sneaky way to argue. This same logic can be applied to any discussion to shoot down or diminish your opponent's point by saying that if you already had it, why didn't you show it or use it already? Well, there isn't a requirement that one must use it when it's available, right? Regardless how weak this question itself is (which I'll discuss more in the next section), still, there isn't such a hard line in the ground. Therefore, logically, I do mean logically, there is nothing wrong w/ Huawei deliberately not using what they already have, but to pay royalties to Qualcomm and others so to put itself in a vulnerable position as ppl now perceive. This is the same argument that there isn't anything wrong with one choosing not to marry, or married but not to have kids, or marrying the same sex, or even his/her pet!! ← it's the speaker's underline assumption that such requirement exists, though is rational, but itself doesn't define good/bad, right/wrong, and does not rule out these alternatives.

    Second, if this logic is so true and sufficient, this makes it impossible to develop and make new discovery then! Think about it. Before the discovery of North America, ppl (and probably majority of all ppl) did follow this exact logic, didn't they? that if there were another piece of land still undiscovered, we would have discovered by now already! and in science, this would be the same argument that if xyz exists (say, some quantum matter a theory spells out), we would have seen it already — well, we all know this logic doesn't stand, of course. It can't be. The loophole in the verb actually → this quantum matter does exist, just that the "see" is different from what we know! So was North America, just that we didn't know because the ships were not good enough to get there! So, replay this to Huawei's argument, dismissing their backups using this logic is at most, weak. They may very well have developed a secret weapon that is so powerful and awesome, and no one has yet seen it — it's the problem of my eye, not them bluffing.

    I want to point out these two aspects of weakness of this argument, because they are everywhere!! — we use them in arguing whether there is alien, whether a person is worth his salt (if he is so good, he must have fortune and fame by now!), and so on... the not B → not A = A → B, but to proving either side, itself must be sufficient. Otherwise, both sides are insufficient.

    China's opportunity and nationalism

    But now back to the consensus, logics might have been a weak one, the conclusion is correct. I do think Huawei is bluffing, and I think all the Chinese articles and talks I have been seeing and hearing are being irresponsible by not making this harsh conclusion that points right to Huawei's nose! Forget about the marketing scheme that this failure is also an opportunity — it's the same speaking to someone who just lost a job that now it's an opportunity for you to start a new career (or to pursue your dream). Fxxx you. It is only opportunity if this person has a dream in mind, has been waiting for such moment, has some practice of it already, and is willing to take this "opportunity". What would you call someone who just kicked a non-swimmer into the water and say, hey now it's your opportunity to learn swimming!!?

    Same here for China and its IT (let me use the broad jargon "IT" for ease of writing) ← I totally believe they are not ready. Period.

    Take a view from the end of user, the product itself represents a stack of many layers deep in term of technology. In Huawei's case, let me just focus on the software aspect of this stack.

    For it's chips, design is written in software (eg. verilog), compiled and simulated in software (according to a talk, all of them are developed by US companies). Move on to operating system, libraries/modules, opensource tools, applications, I believe they can develop applications (but even this is a problem, because one single company developing software for its own platform has been proven to fail in the context of mobile apps ← you just can't compete with world's talents, all the app developers who are outside your company, regardless how big and powerful you are!). But for all the techs on this stack, Huawei not only doesn't own them, it will have zero chance to re-invent them (as many of the supporters believe), let alone implementing the entire stack from scratch! No, way.

    Then, taking all these to the ground zero, I say the picture is simply bleak — all the advanced theories and practices are being rolled out in the US, and there is one thing I joked about before, but am darn serious about its implication — every single code you can see, is written in, English!!!! For those hotheads who are patriotic and nationalistic, this is one thing that kills your argument 100 to 0! — Language is for description, and description is driven by a way of thinking, a view of the world. Therefore, by writting code in English, dev must be adopting the non-Chinese view and logic, and the better a programmer you are, the more so you must be!!

    Since no company, let alone Huawei, can invent another programming language in Chinese, the so called opportunity so China is cut off from the rest of the world and 自己玩, is really, an impossibility. Regardless how it sounds hurting and is against their wills, not only I believe US and China are relying on each other and should be so going forward, by many many practical considerations, but I find it totally annoying and pretentious when these ppl trumpet national sentiments when the underline reality is that the new shinning opportunity are still implemented in your enemies' language (and actually by these enemies' theory and videos and books.....) Don't they feel ashamed then!?

    Well, I can see what their argument will be — see, we defeat our enemy using their own weapon. How ever more so satisfying!!... so really, when someone can look at a logic paradox in such a fashion, there isn't anything s/he can not believe, and will not advocate. After all, they pay the lip service, gain attention and maybe personal gains, and reality always fits in their model, magically, so they will never be wrong.

    What a bunch of God they must be!

    — by Feng Xia


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