I'm convinced now that the number one problem I am annoyed by the modern Chinese culture is that it create self-contradictory person. They speak in logics however they see fit without being aware of that two points coming out of their mouth are actually contradictory. Take it further, they took a one-sided view of history in such a self-confidence that they completly fail to realize that what they are bragging and broadcasting are exactly the same thing in history they vow to be a terrible deed by any measure.


    A case in point is the popular place such as the 奶奶庙. I think the debate of it in the context of pop art or even pioneer art is completly a walk-around. Can people idol these objects? of course. Can they bring peace and love? Doesn't matter, and to some, yes, so be it. Are they arts? Yes. Are they art I like? No. Should I respect its right to be there? Yes, as long as I don't go there, and it doesn't come close me.

    So what is my point!? If you ask any Chinese about the dark age in Europe, 黑暗的中世纪, the years when China was supposed to be glorious and prosperous and everywhere else is just, dark, they will all agree on one well-known example that church was selling coupon to save people's soul, for a monetary price. It's an example how ridiculous the western religion had become, and how shameless and greedy these religious man had become. Shame on them! But you know what!? Visitors of the 奶奶庙 are exactly doing that — trade! I pay you some due, and you give me luck in turn. This is exactly what the dark age priests were doing, so we were told, and we are all disgusted by it. But we are doing it, everywhere!!!!

    And let's be clear of one thing — this is not religion. Religion has fear; here has none. It is an outcry to put this in the setting of a religion, while you trade for personal benefits and leave out guilt all at the same place, at the same time. This is exactly how Chinese are operating today — dressing up as if it is a noble deed in which you believe, you respect and you fear, but the truth is they just want both sides of a coin, a mission impossible, as the deal.


    If we take this even further, it's quite entertaining. If that traffic Godness casts you a good luck, who is to make up the accident statistics? If EVERYONE is now praying for the same Godness, does it just eliminate accidents entirely!? What if two pray to two different Gods, since we are geographically apart and my local people just made up a new God who has the same purpose? Woudln't then become a race between the two Gods, that the stronger one will fulfill its protection, while the other one fails? So we are back to the old time when Gods are fighting, for us human, and we can only watch and bear their outcome? If so, aren't we just paying them to do our fight? Apparently so! This is a crowd sourcing boxing ring in which these made up Gods are going to compete for their made up powers! How can then this be not comical!!!

    Even more. These Gods are in a really sad position. Even if they had the power as they say, they have no option to back out a deal. I can pay the due when I feel so, and as soon as I pay it, the contract is formed. The poor statue can't say no! So I could be a terrible bad driver, and this traffic Godness is made to protect me (if she wins the God-fighting ring) without an option. I think we will all agree that this is a terrible position to be in. Literally the Godness loses control of her own work — this is like you work as a slave, you do what is told — so who is the master now!? haha.. this is really interesting!

    Anyway. I just wanted to point out, how ridiculous the logic is that this thing implies. It validates the feeling that when you look at it or hearing about it, you feel that something is not right, and you know that even the prayers are not really believing this — it's a play in which they play a role. Prayers get a psyche boost, the Godness gets nothing, and the operators get money. And who are these operators? They are the slave owners in our era.

    — by Feng Xia


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