The news of Ofo is really a good one. I wonder when human (well, human is really a big word, because this is generalizing to all the walking lives on this planent, so I should really refine this statement to, well, people? mass?..) will learn. Really, let's use the word, they, will learn!?

    This is a demonstration of the old, repeated, disaster, for both sides — as consumers, the mass, when they would learn not to take what these elites say for granted!? when can they think for themselves whether the thing in fad is really, a good thing? I have to again repeat the discussion I had with family and friends 2 years ago, when Ofo and its cousins were the darling of the media, and everyone was essentially saying that if you don't understand and not yet be part of this wave of sharing economy, you are out, old, obsolete. I questioned many why they think this was a good thing, and honestly no one was able to explain to me in their own voice. The only message I got were either quotes quotes that were the same all over from one to another, making me wonder whether they were literally copying each other!?, and that it was good because it was convenient, for someone — but then, the funny thing is, no one can well define this "someone"!? who are they? how many are they? why is it convenient for them? why this convenience didn't work for others? and if it is that good, then something terribly bad must also be there, what is it? I mean, even in its simpliest term, if one group of people benefit so much from this while others were left out, there is a social implication, which, if is the negative side of this wave, is itself deserving study and question.

    But the sad reality was, no one, literally no one, voiced a different opinion! This, is the true tragedy of this fiasco. I will repeat here, if you don't hear a different opinion on something, then it is terribly wrong! stay away from it! I don't know how people will feel when they flip back to those talk shows when the CEOs of these companies were invited to talk about their GRAND idea, and their dreams, and their success — I truly believe they had a good capability, ambition, and the least, a willingness to dream big, and was able to pull it off, even for five minutes, of his/her glory — this is better than, me. Not only I admit this, but I envy this, and totally think they were successful people, in that regard.

    What disappointed me was that while they were standing at the height of where they were, they had a scope and opportunity to view and judge with much more inside information than I could, yet they did not show the capability, or even the willingness, to review, to challenge the exact same idea that had brought them this glory, thus was absorbed by it and taken in by its own halo, and eventually were taken by its collapse. Too many parallel can be drawn between these stories — what about Kung Fu Panda, that Shifu's pet student turned out to be a monster, because Shifu was blinded by his love to his prodigy? Too many such stories! Yet, human, yes, human, don't learn.

    Then, on the flip side, mobs. If these proud entrepreneurs can have one thing to take away, they should now see the motion of the mobs — they were blindly led to believe in your story, and when it collapses, it will be naive to ask them to be rational so they don't just come to your door, with their anger (and they felt extremely justified, and logically so, just as they felt extremely convinced by your shaky story at the beginning, too), to smash your windows, trashes your offices, insults yourself and whoever on their way, and demanding for justice, when themselves were violating the exact word, justice, with what they were doing!

    This is the power of the mobs. The underline assumption is literally this — we were never wrong. When I believed in you, I was led to believe. I was innocent, defendless, and pure minded. I benefited, but you benefit more. Didn't you walk away w/ millions, billions, while I only got a deserved convenience (of riding a free bike)? Didn't I made you the billionaire? Everything you had was because of, me, me me! Thus, when I am now angry (because I felt I was cheated), I am simply taking away what I had given you, the piece that was belong to me, and (who knows, maybe can walk away w/ something more — what an opportunist animal mobs really are!) — but again, let me make sure, that I'm the victim, I have always been innocent, and I have never been wrong.

    How ugly! How ridiculous this logic really is! Mobs. In this sense, entrepreneurs do deserve a big paycheck, because they are playing w/ fire. They are 火中取栗, and they can be burned, big time.

    I recall seeing the facebook congress hearing. You know, I like this guy — he has a lot of reflection on his success, on his business, and on how his darling is changing human life. This, is what I would call the responsibility of an entrepreneur — it's not only the responsibility to build a good, healthy environment for his/her employee because there are many families in the background whose lives are now depending on his actions, but more importantly, a responsibility to reflect, to review, to ask a loads of questions, of why his has been successful, and how it can go wrong, and what price someone is paying for his/her benefit!??

    We all know the principle that there is no free lunch. Exactly. There isn't. When you are benefiting from one seemingly such a wonderful thing, be it an APP, or the quality of life by industrialization, urbanization, machine age, information wave.... the terms don't matter, let's just use the cliche name, progress... then, what are we giving up for it? Few can answer this question, even fewer care to ask. Same for myself. When I came to America, I knew my life would be a better one than staying behind (at that time of the century). The family knew we gave up a safety net of caring for parents when they need us, and I experienced the pain of long distance love over and over. If these are the price to pay, then it is not a clear cut for anyone, for myself in particular, whether the price equals the gain — like anyone else, we want to have the gains, but not the pains. Sadly, it never work that way, for anyone.

    Sign of mobs are, that they are easily convinced to judge one good and the other bad, and they don't question enough. If there is one sign we should look for, to foster, to hope, so that the aggregation of mobs(= society) is a becoming better, is that there are many many many many different voices who argue, who fight, who disagree, who challenge, who is not convinced, who always feel the others' decision is, questionable..... that, will be a good sign, that the people are now, smarter, and safer, to deal with.

    The common mistake to make, is that you like to fool foolish people, and feel awesome that your tricks work out so well... that is only when, the fools haven't turned on you. Fools, are, fools. If they can love you foolishly, they will leave you, in a foolish way, too. Engaging them, as partner or as a opponent, is making a fool of yourself.

    — by Feng Xia


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