Got a book and it is truly disturbing, Rape of the Mind. So the mind manipulation has been developed to the point that is highly refined, highly scientific (you know I always have reserve about this particular word this days), highly systematic, and highly predictable. And this is the really disturbing.

    Like how I have analyzed my line of work, psychology has developed framework and divided torture into phases that can be systematically entered through means of physical torture, drug, mental confusion and such. Therefore, all the brutality of torturing on the body isn't just a pain to bear or to yield, but just one step towards a goal that the initiator has a clear definition — in other words, he knows what he is doing, the question is, if you are the one being tortured, do you know what he is doing to you!?

    Scary, isn't it!? Part of the book will be talking about mind manipulation on the mass, which I have always wondered about. The recent movie 芳华 made the talk of that bizarre age to the headline again, which is often a cliche to my education and my generation, when everybody kinda of shrug shoulder as if it was a bad dream and would not happen again. Yeah, it was just a crazy time done by crazy people. But always, I ask myself, was it? Was it just made possible because of the all the crazy people over excited about their communist future, or it was a demonstration of evil manipulation of the mass, as what this book is talking about? If you were caught in a bad dream, how do you know!? or you just can't know? If so, what's the remedy? I think bad dream happens, so you can't eliminate it. Then what? You get caught and destroyed by it? or is there a way to ID the dream even while you are in it, like that spinning totem in the Inception movie?

    I never knew the word brain wash was invented by the Chinese (according to the book author). Nonetheless, I firmly believe the act and the thought of braining washing anyone, for however the purpose and agenda, is evil. This come from my underline belief that if there were one thing that is completly free in this world, it is the mind, and to me, guarding its freedom is the last line of defense of humanity. That's why I view the way internet is being blocked in China as a pure act against humanity and society because it is artificially controlling the input to your mind so to achieve a controllable output — this is setup of a social lab, and I don't want to be in it.

    But reading the western philosophy make this even worse. To some views, the mind is not free, it doesn't even exist. We can be just in the dream, and there is nothing wrong with that. Dream isn't an illusion, and illusion isn't necessarily bad either. It's just, that. Descarte's I think therefore I am is neither sufficient nor correct, because it implies a causal relationship which he didn't want, so he changed it to I am, I exist. How fascinating! I admire these thinkers who made reasoning to explore these concepts. It doesn't really matter which conclusion they have, I think the act of thinking and reasoning is the cornerstone of humanity and being.

    Sitting here watching Noah finally got to play his minecraft game, I wonder, even it's a fantasy world he is building and is into at the moment, he is creating (a fuzzy pixel house), a world of his own, that reflects what his mind has, his reasoning carries, and his like prefers... however unreal this world is, it's a place he can feel, how it is like being free.

    — by Feng Xia


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