Walking out from a shadow after a morning gym session, my eyes were blinded, for a while, as if I was walking across a border between two worlds, a new life? a re-birth? It felt good, when the summer heat hit on your skin that has just emerged from a A/C indoor, as if the air made me to breath again, here is air, here is sun, here is full of green, full of life, a dragonfly, robin birds, grass that magically move on its own. I thought there were bugs inside, but it was just growing, literally in front of your eyes. How wonderful! and how 神奇!

    I got this Chinese-English dictionary yesterday, and looked up your name. There wasn't anything I did not already know, but still, you are magical, just like what your name says, magical.

    Sitting in Lucky Tree with Noah yesterday evening was a wonderful time. Sunset, the lights came through the corridor like a special lighting effect. Noah was absorbed in his silly word game and his back was facing the door, so he couldn't see the lights, but it was there, for me, to experience this moment of quietness, family-ness, just he and I, and he was in a good mood, laughing at my silly jokes as if I were the best comedian, and he picked it up with his own silly twist, and went on to invent a whole series of words that were completely new, completely silly, but he enjoyed them very much. And I so wished you were there, if the three of us, to be there, just like the last morning we went for breakfast, and you and Noah went off to get him a cake, when you walked to me, leading Noah's hand, I could only wish the time to stop, stop, stop. There were nothing more I could want, nothing more I would wish, nothing more.

    Don't know where you are now. Walking in this world becomes dull. Lights shined on me, made me to close eyes for a while. Like waking up from a dream, suddenly, wake up, look around, you have gone, nowhere to be found.

    Only lights, evening sunset, through the front door, filled room with a lullaby, 我最亲爱的人, 你在哪儿?

    — by Feng Xia


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