It is, I think, the darkest moment in history, that I have been experienced in this great country. Listening to senator hearing for the first time last Thursday, and I was both impressed by the capability to grasp the core of the issue that these senators demonstrated, and the disturbing display by this guy who is bitter, angry, aggressive, eager to please his boss, and not hesitating to express a statement in the form of a conspiracy, even linking it to "the Clintons", who, regardless what type of opponent they have been in the presidential race, not to mention that Mr. Clinton has been a real president elected and was doing a good job by the measure of economy. What type of person would this guy be that he is now being bestowed the super power of being a life-long employed judge sitting on the bench of a sacred institution, which I have always viewed with awe and respect, because I thought it holds all the wisdom in this world despite how hard, how difficult to determine, the problem it is assigned to make a decision (think about abortion, gay marriage, anything racial). If we say that the US government has had periods and presidents that failed to win the respect of the world, and had flunked terribly in making this country and this world a better place, this Supreme Court has always been the last line of defense that people could still trust, still have a faith that truth, objectivity, fairness, righteousness, and an idealism that runs in the core of this form of democracy, is being held, being guarded, firmly and thoroughly. They are like the priests of today's society. When all measures fail, we believe they know better, and will guide us out of trouble and chaos.

    But all these have been proven to be an illusion, shattered. I don't have an opinion whether he had really done the harassment back 30 some years. I'm against him not because I think he has violated the law. But as a job applicant, he has shown himself not be a proper candidate for the job. Period. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you interviewed someone, asking him/her a question, and this person just throw it back at you — do you know the answer? — or even making a comment that your question is just an attack on behalf of some organization, some ideology, some force!!!!?? Give me a break! You tell me, will you hire this person!? This is truly a running joke. I don't care how qualified s/he is, how wonderful s/he can do the job, I don't think manager will embrace an employee who has such attitude, not to mention the teammates who will be working with this person!

    Yes, this is another question I want to ask — why the other judges have no saying in this interview!? Aren't they the people who will be working as this elite team!? Then, shouldn't they also give a vote on whom they feel comfortable to work with!? This is totally absurd!!! If judicial branch is designed to be independent from other two branches, why in the hell is the head of the executive branch nominating this candidate!???? This is truly contradictory to what I have always believed the merit of this system.

    And honestly, the more I'm witness these type of fiasco unfold in front of the public's eyes, the more I recall Tom's comment before the 2016 election, that "Trump will the worst" possible person for the job. At the time, without having any experience with Trump, I had hoped, and sometimes even hailed, his disruptive manner to the traditional political cliches. But now, I feel he is a total disaster, totally, disastrous. He runs this country as if this is his family business, and he demonstrated a trait of a dictator, a moody one I should say, like no others I have seen (except Billismo). He might be capable, but I'm against any form of such singular, super, concentrated, unchallenged, authority! any!

    This is a form that leads China into a totalitarian path, leads an engineering team into low efficiency, leads an inevitable pattern of irresponsibility, because it allows one, and only one, decision making process, that is top down, single to N, and no feedback loop. Participants will throw up their hands and say, you know what, I'll just do what you say, but I won't contribute any of my minds, because it's useless, won't be considered, and even could bring fire on my own — but you see, where then will be the line between being a member of a team, and being but a slave!?? This exactly why I hate, hate the authoritarian approach of the Chinese management style, and now why I am feeling so upset of what this country is heading.

    This is indeed, terrible, even horrible. Kavanaugh had one thing right, the effect of this event will be felt long after this has passed us. I don't know how Supreme Court will function and be viewed since. One thing I'm sure → politics are ugly, disgraceful, and frustrating, in both camps of the Western's and the Eastern's.

    And, hold on for two more year. I'm sure to vote in 2020. Trump, out.

    — by Feng Xia


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