From 4th grade class weekly message of 4/8/2018:

    Positivity Project News:

    Starting Monday, we will begin learning about integrity. This is doing the right thing when nobody is watching. People with integrity practice what they preach and maintain a consistent pattern of behavior aligned with their values. They have the courage not to follow the crowd if it means going against their beliefs. Integrity is closely linked with the terms of honesty and authenticity. People with integrity tell the truth and have alignment in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

    Well said, isn't it?

    Just came back from a long trip, I felt this piece described exactly how I feel what China's current society lacks, integrity.

    1. We had a red eye flight at 1:45am at Pudong airport. I was thinking to take the T line 9 → line 2, which on map gets to Pudong at last stop. I also know there is a switch on line 2, four stops earlier than the airport stop, that everyone needs to get off the line 2 train and transit to the other side of the platform for a smaller train (and this I never figured out why!? It's such a waste of traveller's time and energy, for the benefit of economy? energy!? for the few times I travelled on this line, the carts were ALWAYS packed! So it wasn't because only few people need to go to the airport thus why wasting precious subway space, and could get line 2 turn around quicklier that way, too ← sorry, not the case!)

      Anyway, so I looked up online for its schedule, and it was just confusing. That Guanglan Road stop was the trouble one. So I saw the extended weekend hour and it was passing midnight. So I thought this would just work since my flight is 1:45am.

      For pure odds, Noah and I got off at Guanglan Road stop around 10pm. Boy, just when we were getting off, a "shorter train" pulled into the platform on the other side, and everyone, I mean, the entire passenger who were on line 2, and I'm talking about like 60% full of the entire train set, started running to that train. I held Noah back since I figure, well, there would plenty train till midnight deadline. Then all of sudden, these swarm of people started evacuating from that train, and just disappeared! In between, there were a swamp of people asking whether you want a ride to airport ← those so called 黑车 (unauthourized taxi drivers).

      There were actually staff on board that train, but no one explained anything! Finally when the entire crowd was completely gone, left with a few dumb-founded faces, like me and Noah, dragging luggages and had no idea what is this about, asked a staff, who calmly told us that the last train to airport is 10pm → so there is no more train! WTF!!?? Then why isn't there any sign, direction, guideline to tell all these passengers what to do!? and what the heck running line 2 to passing midnight and having midnight flight while a 4-stop of distance has to be cut off at a different, earlier hour!?? What's the rationale!?

      I guess there isn't any. And didn't the gov battle these unauthorized drivers for years!?? well well well, you have just created this GIANT NEED for their existence! and I would even say you not only created them, you actually encouraged them to be in service!! Otherwise, what are these passengers going to do!? Apparently you are not helping them for sure! You actually kicked them right into this pothole and watching them to figure it out completely on their own!!

      Geeeee......... this is just, maddening!!

    2. Once we finally got the airport, for all its grandeur and cool looking, all terminal gates were shut! and every single passenger must enter this building from a single entrance! and it was windy, chilly, and regardless where you unboard your vehicle, you must walk to that entrance, and there is again, NO SIGN! .. well, there was a human sign ← they acutally put a poor girl standing there to tell all the confused faces "go to entrance number 24"... what for!!?? I really don't get it!!! and I can bet all doors would be open when the World Repo was holding here!

      Just ridiculous!

    3. Then at custom, there was a single window open for poor foreigners! A single one! while citizen windows had like 10! and the guy who worked there was god damn slow!

      I guess they just love us so much that they didn't want us to leave.

      What a service, and what a country!

    And this, is exactly what integrity is about ← do things based on your value, not on impressing someone for a good show!

    Well, I guess these are pretty telling what values this city/country holds. So really, before you think you are getting back your historical glory and be the center of universe again, I for one, will not want to live in that universe at all, because our value systems surely are incompatible as far as I can tell.


    — by Feng Xia


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