GKP — introduction

GKP project was conceived from a meeting with a friend of mine, Mr.Zhang, back in Jan, 2015. Mr.Zhang has been in China's college education business for 15 year. He has succeeded in building a couple online training services and is also the head of a private college ...

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Project Stock Backtesting Demo

Project Stock frontpage
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This project started at lunch with a friend who has been trading stocks as hobby for years. None of us has worked in a trading house playing with some serious money. Nonetheless, he believed that he has found a winner strategy and I ...

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Project GKP Demo

Project GKP frontpage

Project GKP is an interesting one. It is a web tool that helps high school graduates in China to find a right college. The grand vision is to make it a one-stop shop to get information that are mostly relevant at ...

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Crawler, TOR, and be a good web citizen

Many projects I have done involved harvesting data from public sites. Data crawling is an exciting business. On one hand, it is easy to develop a crawler these days. In the Python world, plenty tutorials will show you how to build a simple crawler using the Python urllib, or building ...

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