Say, no

Browsing wechat friend posts, and one image, as common as it actually is, the never say no type of moral pump, suddenly got me thinking.

I used to think the can do attitude is so positive, energetic, optimistic, worth holding on, worth broadcasting, worth preaching, worth teaching, worth affecting everyone ...

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China's Nationalism

What is a nationalism? Is it a bad thing, or a good thing? The word always reminds me the dawn of WWII that Japan empire was, in my history education, powered by its fanatic nationalism spirits to conquer the world and to bring prosperity to its new lands.

What made ...

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Juju local LXD

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Using Juju's LXD provider is the least-hassle way to start an experience of Juju and its charms. However, if you have done charm development for a while, you know making a one line of code change, deploying charm, then wait to see the new code got executed ← it's ...

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sharing economy

Sharing economy is hot. Looking around, one can't help feeling just about everything can be shared. But then, you can't help asking yourself, "where does it end?"

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People psyche

Have you observed something that ppl do, and you just wonder what the hell*? Yes, I find human behavior very puzzling. Maybe it's just me that is not connected with surroundings and felt isolated. But seriously, there are just these things that ppl do that I can't help ...

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Modern slavery

I'm convinced now that the number one problem I am annoyed by the modern Chinese culture is that it create self-contradictory person. They speak in logics however they see fit without being aware of that two points coming out of their mouth are actually contradictory. Take it further, they ...

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Art, a thought

Finished reading Kenneth Clark's Civilisation. I can't say I actually understand the book, because nearly every item he was talking about and describing with passion and logic, I had little idea. I barely recognized some names, and very little of the artifacts. Sculptures, some; paintings, nearly none; background ...

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Tencent & Opium

Listening to this talk this morning, the thought hit me. How do you look at this game?

Games, in my humble opinion, are just, bad. I know it's unfair to say so since I have grown out of that addiction phase, and every boy/man will go through that ...

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What does IT system bring

After long thoughts, I believe I have come to the conclusion that there are only three things that technology should bring, would bring, and should their objectives:

  1. information repository: everything is saved, time stamped, digitized, and probably even structured.

  2. efficiency: this comes from the fact that data inputs are sanitized ...

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Lost jobs, not really

These days, everywhere you turn, there is talk about AI, and one primary theme is the human fear of being replaced by robots, thus resulting in huge waves of layoffs and job loss, which then leads to social turmoils, revolutions, and government collapses. Horrible.

But if you think of it ...

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Watching the Civilisaiton Youtube, what a fantastic topic and description of western civilisation! This is quite interesting especially with the backdrop of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel, which I found it godly convincing as I was first introduced to think about the history of human civilisation through his ...

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Man wasn't that annoying! Listened to this book on the way to outlet yesterday, and the language it used annoyed the shxxt out of me. Let me explain why.

Total attention

The content is actually fine. There is a total sum of attention consumers can provide:

total consumer attention ...

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I was listening to this talk on Youtube about luck, and that got me thinking.

It's a cliche when people talk about luck, and someone gets lucky, or unlucky. It feels it is something we have no control over, and it is just randomly happened, for good and for ...

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Math, the decline of the US

Came across an article tonight. The argument is actually not new — that US is now in decline and the only hard fact that no one is disagreeing, its leadership in technology, especially in computer related stuff, is shaken. The evidence, or its supporting argument, comes in two folds:

  1. that the ...
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Data, Integrity

The first time reading "Trust" by Francis Fukuyama, I was deeply impressed by his distinction that Chinese trust is implied, such as inner circle of immediate family, friends, extended through marriage... while the Western version is explicit, for example, the credit score system.

Now we have data

With China's ...

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Can you innovate?

This has been a topic on my mind for quite some time now ever since I worked in Shanghai in 2016 and witnessed things that quite annoyed me, especially from a software engineer prospective.

So the backdrop is that Chinese people have been encouraged by the country's phenomenal success ...

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Charm Ansible integration

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Let's face it. Ansible has the mouth (and market) share these days. For our modeling purpose, we are to utilize its procedural strength to carry out actions, which provides an abstraction instead of coding in charm's Python files.

Design objectives:

  1. Design as reusable layer(s)
  2. Be compatible with ...
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I have pretty low tolerance of BS. The hot topic of AI bothers me a great deal, because it is being discussed by too many ppl who have no context. It is becoming just another buzz word rolling off your tongue to make you sound sophisticated and smart. But no ...

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Love till past

很多人都i知道,浪漫的爱情里,两个人都怕时间太短,都说要长相守,两不忘。 最浪漫的话,是陪你慢慢变老。 Then this morning I had another thought.

All families have some burdens that trouble them, regardless how wealthy they are, how wonderful they look to outsiders, how much love they have for each other. There just isn't one single, perfectly happy, worry-free ...

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This is an interesting thought. I am listening to this talk show about 三里屯, and guests are discussing the come and go of bars in this place. For those who don't know this place, it's a section in BJ that has a lot of bars which aggregated young ...

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