So there is a hurricane coming to NC. The curious thing, however, is that there is an air of excitement in the air ← everybody is rushing to grocery to stock up food, people calling each other just to exchange that Costco has run out of water since yesterday.. actually now ...

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Accelerated anonymity

It feels that everything is converging. Sometimes I feel this is the sign of aging, too, that by being in 40s and started to understand just about every topic and have an opinion of them, every book I read and every talk I listen to start to convey the same ...

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Too much trust

It has become a cliché that China nowadays are lacking trust. It has been talked about as if it would be the root cause of all disturbing social phenomenon as well as the one single cure of all social disease ← if only there were trust between people, between vendor and ...

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On Noah's 10th birthday

Hard to believe, the guy is 10 years old now. I can still feel the day, the day that he was coming to this world, and the day it was a hot summer day, and I was biking between hospital and home. He came at 1pm, the same time when ...

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Technology responsibility

This is a really a fascinating person. He is eloquent, which I have the impression that his mind runs million miles per second. You can feel it's churning at a speed so to compose the next line and the next thought, which now while writing, feels so different from ...

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Social media

The recent downfall of Facebook stock and its data privacy fiasco have been spectacular, and saddening. People are talking about data privacy as if it is an evil just releases from Gene's bottle, and of course, when a giant like Facebook shows a crack, millions are worked up to ...

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Finally a book on UML that makes sense to me (and is short enough so I was willing to read it, in one morning).

Milestone 1: requirement review

Everything starts with an analysis of the problem at hand. One thing learned and I'd like to clarify is requirement — it ...

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A dream

I had a dream, as vivid as it can be, that I was walking next to you. You were wearing the black dress, the one you look so refined and elegant in. I reached out to your hand, but you retrieved it inside your sleeve, and only after a couple ...

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Not feeling well, today

But this screenshot from kiki brightens my day ~~

I miss 米粒儿和米答应. Sometimes I feel really sorry that I feel like I have walked out of their life. Maybe she feels that way, too. But then I know I didn't. I didn't mean to, and I did what I ...

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Waste of mind

Wow, this is quite unbelievable! I read a line:"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." (looking it up, there is an NPR!) yes I have always remembered this line, because it is so true — despite that I have been losing faith of human being in general, I do ...

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This is a quite fascinating argument, and quite unexpected when I'm reading this book, Mosquitoes, Malaria and Man.

As for typing public health efforts to development, WHO takes its stand on popular but treacherous ground. One reason eradication failed, the argument goes, is that governments were not convinced it ...

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China witness

I have seen this book on Reader's Corner's shelf for sometime, and never felt I should pick it up and read. The book didn't feel like a kind of book I would like to read, "Personal interviews!?" I thought ot myself, "that is a common cheap method ...

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I have been thinking, is generalization good, or bad, or inevitable? I kinda of wonder that looking at something, especially something new, in a generalized term, is actually inevitable. Watching Noah learning things since young, he has to generalize things in order to recognize anything — this is a dog, that ...

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Server RAID

Copyright @ Lenovo US

If you are like me who dislikes any GUI and mouse clicks, CLI via a SSH session to IMM is a fun way to get things done. This one shows how to config disks into RAID.

CLI manual is here.

    storage -config vol -option [-options] -target target_id
    -remove ...
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System capability model

Ah, DCIM. Infrastructure needs to be managed, but then, what does it mean? Borrowing from wiki, a view can be:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Network connectivity Management
  3. Environment Management
  4. Energy Management
  5. Change Management and
  6. Capacity Management
  7. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Integration[17]

This type of view is based on an attribute of ...

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Walking out from a shadow after a morning gym session, my eyes were blinded, for a while, as if I was walking across a border between two worlds, a new life? a re-birth? It felt good, when the summer heat hit on your skin that has just emerged from a ...

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Network switch

Copyright @ Lenovo US

Network switch is a gold mine. You will need (ip, username, pwd) to get to it, using Telnet(!). Your friend is pexpect, but even that gives you jinx sometimes when each switch can return you some random garbages once a while that makes session.expect("your regex pattern") to time ...

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Copyright @ Lenovo US

Introduce tools to create screencast.

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Netbox revised

Copyright @ Lenovo US

Netbox is a nice level 1 tool (for levels, see capability model). But we need more. Managing a lab or a rack is more than level 1. On top of all these, we talk about automation, which implies capabilities at least to level 4. Therefore, we used Netbox code as ...

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Moment of quietness

It's quiet here. Office is deserted due to the upcoming long weekend. It feels rather strange. Listening to the song makes me to think of you, and the days agains. Mr.Makato is still here. He is always here early in the morning, and leave late at night. Is ...

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