A love story

It is quite an unexpected book.... wow, while looking up its book name, it turned out that it is actually called A Romance in Tibet, wow! I was making up this blog's name without knowing the books is called a romance... what a coincidence!

But indeed, this is a ...

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Another raining winter day. Walking out from airbnb, ran into an old man carrying a garbage bag, a rain coat with a big cut open on the back. What caught my attention was his black sneakers — washed clean by the rain, but felt soaking wet. He was walking with is ...

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Walking on the road this morning. Chilly early winter day. Rained for the last two days (or really just on and off of yesterday), and temperature has dropped to the point that I feel the winter smell.

What makes you sad? and makes you wonder? what makes you to have ...

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Missing you in this city

Why? for some reason, I can always feel your existence, somewhere, around the corner, in this city. Walking on the street in this massive metropolitan, what's the odds that I could ever meet you again? Yet, I can't shake the feeling that you are somewhere, somewhere really close ...

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Reveal slides

reveal.js is pretty awesome. I have been using it for the last 9 months now and love it. It was a bit of hassle to set it up initially. Once you have an example, yo can replicate and be productive ...

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IBB brain shutdown procedure

Copyright @ Lenovo US

This document describes procedure to shutdown an IBB brain instance.

Shutdown procedure

  1. On RHV admin portal, shutdown all virtual machines but not the hosted-engine.

  2. Put the cluster in global maintenance mode by login any brain server, and hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=global.

    To verify, login in a brain node and hosted-engine ...

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Bad words

So Noah's school called yesterday. During lunch the kids at his table played truth or dare. Noah dared, a girl, to rape..... geee.. I was totally speechless and didn't even understand where he could have picked up that concept. Teacher said she felt this is a topic she ...

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Domain knowledge

What is a domain knowledge? Domain knowledge implies a knowing of a specific area of knowledge, like plumber knows plumbing. It's quite easy to picture that everyone, or should say every profession, is a its own domain, thus has its own knowledge, which in true, in the same sense ...

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What is an addiction then!? and why is this word negative!? I think when we talk about this word, the implied message logic is that it is bad because it puts a person into an extreme condition, thus is not sustainable, thus is not healthy ← so there are quite a ...

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A better world

It has been a fascinating thought to me — is human the only specie who thinks about leaving a better world for their children? This perception, or statement, has been widely used in many talks, conversations, lectures, debates, and propaganda, that by doing so and so, we are to leave our ...

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Early morning

I'm getting used to getting up early to feed them. But I still can't get used to not thinking of you, when I'm awake, when I'm lying there in an early winter morning like this. Where are you?

I don't know where you are anymore ...

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SPA: a cofiguration Dashboard

Copyright @ Lenovo US
Project SPA Dashboard demo

Project SPA Dashboard is a weekend fun. The idea came from Lenovo Open Cloud project, in which we have developed auto deployment of a complex stack on three physical servers. Services are Red Hat software deployed on a RHHI instance. Previously we have... continue reading



It is, I think, the darkest moment in history, that I have been experienced in this great country. Listening to senator hearing for the first time last Thursday, and I was both impressed by the capability to grasp the core of the issue that these senators demonstrated, and the disturbing ...

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Dictator, human language, concept

Here is a really interesting conversation with Noah. We have been watching a documentary (Soviet Storm: World War II — In The East.). At his age he is absorbed to the war scenes. Then, driving from his school we were talking about how Russia fought the war, he started saying that ...

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Imagination is life

It has been said that what makes human superior to (or different from) other species on this planet is that human is the only one that can imagine; others operate off facts and reality. They do not possess the skill (or the brain capacity) to imagine a virtual world, something ...

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How hard is it to listen?

I guess it must be hard. Noah completely tipped me off again today. His glasses were bent (slightly), and I asked him what happened. He said there was nothing. Then he said yes he was hit by somebody. Then the story turned out to be that he chose to be ...

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Total Happiness

I was thinking. If we add up the total happiness of this world, versus all the grief, sadness, unhappiness, how would they come out to be?

I'm depressed. Noah is not doing his homework at school, and he is moving too much in class, as usual. It pissed me ...

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Life without meaning

I don't know. All of a sudden while walking back from gym to office, I felt this moment of, emptiness. Really. It's a sensation I never had before. It's not a strong feeling, but distinctly there, that life is blank, meaningless.

I lost the touch of what ...

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Burned out

I feel caught in a turmoil the last couple weeks that I had to deliver this BOM while I know nothing about, and had to deliver a schedule which many works have not even been defined, to determine a list of designs which no one else is looking at or ...

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2nd Child Policy

This has to be the most disturbing talk I have ever heard so far, and this makes me very angry.

The talk is about China's new policy to encourage having more than one child, and these people talked about possible ways to turn the tide of China's declining ...

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