So there is a hurricane coming to NC. The curious thing, however, is that there is an air of excitement in the air ← everybody is rushing to grocery to stock up food, people calling each other just to exchange that Costco has run out of water since yesterday.. actually now thinking back, I think this same pattern has played out also when Boston was hit by snow storms, that people were both nervous and excited.

    To think of it, I think this speaks about human psychie.

    First of all, this risk is certainly not really being taken as a risk, at all. Let me ask you this, if this risk is plainly a risk that you won't survive if caught in it, will you even feel any chance of "yeah let's go to buy some bottle water!?" The underline message of this madness is that all these people are 100% sure that they will survive, they will be fine, and hardly they even expect their daily convenience will be interrupted at all ← here is my toilet flushing, my running water so I can take shower, and Netflix works smoothly, maybe even my 5G is never down so I can update my profile w/ some stormy pictures... this is nothing but a kid's thriller ride in a theme park:"ahhhhh....." splash... all soaking wet, but everybody is laughing. Doesn't this speak for human's tendency to underestimate risk, or putting in an encouraging spin, that human is optimistic?

    Secondly, excuses. I think human needs excuses, in order to justify their action, especially the ones that they know themselves that they are unusual, outliers. For example, everybody is driving in a rush with a sense of emergency and purpose. How interesting! Everybody is a on mission, "I need to get to the store" "I need to buy this"... for a cause that human has no control whatsoever, it is the perfect clause to give everybody a purpose, instantly. Since no one's action caused this hurricane, my madness of driving and honking and impatience at the checkout line is perfectly justified, understood, if not absolutely expected. Does this speak for built-in self-importance that everybody has? Yes I think so. Hurricane is a God's act, it's meant to remind his creation that regardless how much steel you have, you can be crushed easily with his whip. Yet, the contrary is achieved ← everybody is made important, is feeling important. If God is watching, he has to be upset, "what the heck!?"

    Third, living for a purpose. Ordinary life is boring, purposeless. Having a kid gives one a purpose, so each parent acts with a will of steel. Same when there is a crisis in a scale, a natural disaster, a war, a movement, a tribal fight..... human needs something in mind in order to feel life. The day when I have a thought to write or a diagram to create, I feel good. But how could that be!? Don't we all hate tasks? when did you ever feel happy when your boss walks to you and said "here I got you 10 more things to do"!? Then why having something-to-do actually makes you, excited!? I think at least there is a different between being excited versus being happy. My theory is that the excitement raises your energy level so you don't feel as tired, therefore it appears that you are happier! Anyway. People need tasks, need to-dos, I think the difference is tasks that are doable & I need it anyway, are ok; the work ones are the I dont know how to do this either kind, and that tips people off.

    Fourth, god-send-vacation. This natural disaster must be bad for business owners. I just watched a girl from nearby Chinese restaurant walking to grocery and came back w/ nothing in hand. I guess their business model has been that zero stock of ingredient but re-stock from this grocery when running low. This is common but how they are going to operate today when everybody is rushing to this same grocery to buy out EVERYTHING!? But for corporate employees, this is really really good — no responsibility, no obligation, plenty possibility down the line, and zero fault! This is free-jail card. What a relief for everybody when life itself is full of responsibility and deadlines? You know, I kind of wonder whether we should call this natural disaster, or a natural holiday!? I vote for holiday, because it really is.

    Fifth, community feeling. It has long been rumored that human is social animal, that you feel better when connected with other human beings. The problem, of course, is that few is connected to you, and you are willing to connect to few. All of sudden, now everyone is in this same group of potential victim — we have one common topic to talk, to exchange a few lines of caring and warm feeling, to shed a sense of humor in face of danger (which I have already argued that this is not taken as danger at all), and to feel being part of a greater something. How fascinating!? I have always criticized this tendency of human being herded into belief of a "greater good" which led to terrible human tragedy, and I have always wished people to have more independent thinking. Yet, witnessing this episode proves to myself that this is such a built-in character that changing it is like asking a person to walk on one leg only when he has two ← it is entirely unnatural. But is philosophy then a losing battle? I sincerely wish not. Yet, this does highlight the tragedy that lies within, that human race is doomed to be caught by propaganda, by a version of a greater good someone preaches... it's like drug, once you are part of some group, it's hard to pull yourself out of, be it a love relationship, a team, a school, a company, a church, or in today's scene, a hurricane. We are eager to find common denominator, we are ready to accept a denominator, we are nothing but a list of common denominators (this sounds very much like the "who am I, and who are you" argument I put in social media).

    In the end, I went shopping w/ Noah after his Kumon also. The moment I walked in and saw shelves of green in produce cooler & buckets of fruits of all kinds (and there are watermelons the size to feed a family for a week!), well, there isn't really much reason to feel nervous then → I can live off a week of vegetables and fruits. It's good to your health!

    — by Feng Xia


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