I guess it must be hard. Noah completely tipped me off again today. His glasses were bent (slightly), and I asked him what happened. He said there was nothing. Then he said yes he was hit by somebody. Then the story turned out to be that he chose to be under someone's chair during independent reading time, and the kid kicked into his face, somehow.

    I was totally mad! on multiple degrees!

    First, lie. I hate this. If you did it, admit it. Don't try to wiggle out of it, especially when you are only, what, 10!? There is no way you are going to fool me yet. And, didn't we just talk about this last week, that any lie will only lead to more lies so it rolls like a snowball until a spectacular fall. The longer you can cover it up, the messier it will be when it crashes. I know kid doesn't this yet. But this is a lesson in life, and he needs to learn it, needs to memorizes this, needs to never do this again.

    Second, integrity. We just went over last week! I was pissed off when finding out during a school's parent even that he had skipped A LOT of works in class (I'm talking 4 out of 5 pages are just blank!!!) He said they are optional. Fine. But even the required one is not completed! We had a long discussion after it, and it wasn't pleasant at all. I brought up the topic of integrity, which his social study went over in 3rd grade. Integrity, is to do the right thing even when no one is looking or knowing. I was using it to tell him that even without me finding out, he should have been a good student in these classes by doing his homework and listening to teachers. But, he didn't, and this is really upsetting.

    Even just a couple weeks ago, we were joking about his 1st grade day when the Japanese teacher emailed us about his unacceptable behavior in her class. He said, "I remembered!" I was actually rather surprised, and impressed. But then!? This!? This is really disappointing.

    Third, poor judgment. I really hate to say this, but putting your own face to someone's foot as a fun way to play, in class!!?, is just plain stupid. He was asking for it, asking for the damage, asking to be kicked. He didn't care a thing about what could have happened to his glasses, to his safety.. this is just, fxxxx, stupid! I wish the kid could have kicked a lot harder than just causing a bent glasses, if only he could then learn the lesson.

    I don't know. Sometimes I really feel he has a terrible judgement. I try to argue that it is his age, and his even less age than his calendar age psychologically. Yet, I really think this will carry into his life even when he is older. Poor judgment don't just go away. I have witnesses many in adults, and it just amazes me how and why these people could not comprehend — people racing to a red light, saying one thing while acting another, pretending what they are not, feeling blown up as if they were god, looking down people who serve them, believing a superficial statement w/o questioning or even thinking.....

    I don't know. By being different, Noah is actually becoming the very opposite of his wishes → he is becoming commonly mindless, stupid, mass.

    — by Feng Xia


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