In part one and part two, I have introduced functions to assist students get to know about the schools from multiple aspects. In this article, we will touch upon another important factor when going to college — major.

    In China, majors are split into three layers: category, subcategory, and majors. Similar to the state-city-school configuration, functions at category and subcategory level focus on statistic analysis so to offer an overview, where major level contains details that are relevant to that particular major which students would find useful.

    Majors are split into 3 layers

    According to document published by the Department of Education in 2012, there are 12 categories, 92 subcategories and 506 majors.

    Category and subcategory

    At this level, focus was to provide statistics which is similar to what is done for schools at State level.

    Major category and subcategory

    Students can quickly browse through category and subcategory to locate area of interest she wants to drill further down.


    At this level, we think the most relevant information students want to know is the job market datat. So we built an integration point with popular job posting sites. Dynamically the application will query these sites and compile the most recent 50 job posts that matches this major.

    Job title cloud

    Based on these data stream, a job title keyword cloud is compiled taht shows the job titles used by the industry, and they are further grouped into cities so they provide another geo reference for students.

    Schools grouped by job locations

    Below listed jobs, application will conveniently show schools that are located in those cities since local graduate usually have an advantage competing for jobs in local market. Another feature is that a toggle switch will turn user's preference on and off so researcher can easily search either by major and jobs alone, or by combination of the market data and her own criteria.

    — by Feng Xia


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