I was thinking. People get anxious on topic like bitcoin, why? Some talk says because the feeling of "loss" is greater than the feeling of "gain" even though the amount is the same. This has been proven in stock books. But then, things like bitcoin, or success, is NOT a loss ← you can only lose something if you had it already.

    As you can see, many many many times, marketing or hooligans will present this thing in a light of "them being finite" — there are only these many ocean view spots you can ever build a house for; there is only these many bitcoins determined by its algorithm (and do we have a math book on this algorithm!? and how much have we proven, on paper, that its set is finite!? I mean, how do I know this statement is true!?), and even life itself — you can live once, so maximize it (by doing ______ ). How familiar! but also how strange! Why is this effective!? Why do you get anxious when the resource is presented as being finite? and if you take a step back, tell me one thing that is not finite!? Few, if not none! Then why bother!? Everything is finite, so why is this one any different? But reality is, that we get anxious by it — missing a love, missing a good job, missing a friend gathering, missing a lottery ticket, or simply, scared of getting old (life is a process of counting down, continuously, stubbornly, irreversibly, and sadly ← sad because I'm anxious!)... so why!?

    A missing opportunity? This feels like peer pressure. Everyone is getting on this wagon, I can't be left behind. Last time when I was at Reader's Corner, two old guys were chatting with clerk about aging. One guy said, "you know you are getting old when your doctors are becoming younger than you". Clerk said, "I knew a woman who lived into her 100s. You know what is good about being that old?... she said, no peer pressure".. hahaha. So true. So come back to the topic. The missing opportunity only comes into play if you consider that you can, or stand a chance, of benefiting from that opportunity; otherwise, I don't think it matters.

    But why do you think you stand a chance? One an age old confession is that human are over-optimistic when evaluating risks. There are many rational, for example, that's how human race has survived in the wild, so it's part of our built-ins. But this doesn't explain it.

    Then, alternatively, there is opportunistic, which is just "exploiting chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to a general plan or moral principle." But what's wrong of being opportunist? I don't know the difference. Isn't opportunity a good word? When so called an opportunity presents itself in front of you, how do you determine whether this is an opportunity? and how would you know whether taking it will jeopardize your integrity? If turn out your integrity or moral was comprised, well, you were an opportunist; if not, were you then an entrepreneur?

    But don't these also lead the same thing I have discussed over and over, that these are just words, invented by someone or some culture/country to describe a thing/feeling. Now writing this I feel the word should only be frozen in that moment when it was first appearing, because then we have no way to reconstruct the context in which it was invented, therefore any subsequent use of it is literally a risk of tagging something that is similar (maybe), but can also be the negation (also valid) ← how do you know!? → this becomes a chicken-egg race,

    1. you can't determine whether this is thesame-as/similar-to the original circumstance when this word was valid/invented because you don't understand the current situation yet;
    2. but in order to understand current, you have to use these words to describe (to your brain, really);
    3. but by using these words to describe, you have already committed their meaning/implication, and will be limited by their limitation. Therefore, you will not be able to jail-break so to understand the current situation as they are ← it's like looking through a tinted glass → everything will be blue-ish, if your glass is blue.

    Very strange a world we are living in, indeed! Human invented language in order to communicate ideas. But then ideas are expressed by language which themselves tinted the ideas so ideas are now becoming ambiguous, subject to interpretatoin, and abusive even.

    But cutting off all language, thus communication, will result in what? silence of the world? or death of the human race? or a idea-less crowd!? None sounds appealing. In this sense, English, being adopted by 70% of the world population (especially by the billion Chinese), is totally doing human a favor — then, everyone is also confined by English way of thinking, judgement, rational, and this mental dominance. I think this must be the theoretical foundation behind propaganda, that enforcing ppl to use your language is THE way to shape their logic, and to shape their mind

    "Now take this blue glass and put it on. Didn't I tell you that this world is actually blue!?" "OMG! You are sooooo right!"

    Magic. Isn't it!?

    So when you get anxious over something next time, look for a different language to use, and I can guarantee this anxiety will go away. Reality didn't change; resource is still finite (as always, and will always be); anxiety, is just an English word trying to describe your feeling; and your feeling, can be called "happiness" in Mars's term, and they have a lot of books in Mars to teach you that, "Happiness, is all you should care."

    Ha, ha, ha.

    — by Feng Xia


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