This is interesting. I am at the nursing home eating, and suddenly realized the color of the book cover that I'm reading is nearly identical to the color of the food containers. You know what? I have never noticed this color before, nor would ever thought I will give it a second thought. But then looking up, there it is, again, lying around me, without me ever seeing it.

    What is this color? #F6CEF5 is the closest my eyes can tell. But men are known to be insensitive to colors. So I'm not sure how accurate this number reflects what I saw. I have thought this color really cheezy, but it speaks to me in a way like never before, and I couldn't help wondering that your life is marked by various ppl with their leftovers, some left a smile, some left a sadness, some a regret, some a long lost friendship, some a music, and another a color.

    I know there is color theory that some are matching with others which please the eyes while other combinations don't. Then there is the cold color vs. hot color, blue for depression and red for passion. What is this color? What does it stand for? I can't even think of a physical thing that is in this color, yet it is here, everywhere. It reminds me icecream, but it isn't cold or cool or sugary. It feels, mixed, confused, puzzled. I thought it was pink, but is it also purple?

    If colors arouse certain emotion, what we feel everyday while walking on the street? Is the brain even processing or capable of processing all these colors? I always find the SH streets too noisy for my tastes, not just the crowd, the noise, the constant fluctuation of ppl, all kinds of ordinary and strange activities, and then, here they are, overwhelming display of colors — from clothes, from billboards, from everybody walking towards you and everyone passing you by. The old depressing time was marked by three dominant colors — white, black and gray. No one wanted that back. But now have you thought we have too many colors? is there such a thing as too many colors? what does it feel like? why does it mean to us?

    This purple-ish pink #f6cef5, so it walked into my life, stayed.

    — by Feng Xia


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