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A color

This is interesting. I am at the nursing home eating, and suddenly realized the color of the book cover that I'm reading is nearly identical to the color of the food containers. You know what? I have never noticed this color before, nor would ever thought I will give ...


Zebra line

Walking on the street in SH, I just realized what is wrong with this place. So I was walking across this giant intersection, and I do mean giant because everytime I had to put in the high gear and used my dash speed at the first moment the walking sign ...


Sound of silence

What is everybody looking for? Identity? I see people in the middle of the social rung are all searching for something. Waking up this morning and walking on the street, the place was certainly busier after the holiday, more ppl, more cars, more purpose. Do ppl at the bottom of ...


Girl's love

Watching all the little kids running around at this public square in a summer evening, I was thinking to myself, "boy, that's a lot of kids. And each one of them came from a man and a woman, and they had to have sex at some point to make ...


Irresponsible response

Doesn't the title sound like a tongue twister? That's where the irony is. How can you make a response irresponsible? and what does it give? Any harm done? Does it matter? What does it mean when it happens? Why do ppl give such response? and why would ppl ...


Consume the future

I was thinking about future value this morning. Why? because I was thinking about this Chinese phrase, 寅吃卯粮, which means that one consumes savings meant for future use. The term bears a negative emotion that is used to criticize someone or some action that is irresponsible (in view of the ...


Sync vs. Async


Sync vs. Async. I have been thinking this to myself and have involved quite a few discussions with smart (and mostly young) developers which from time to time makes me wonder whether there is a definite answer for this at all.

One thing I can fairly state is that ...





上海人。老家在青浦朱家角。爷爷是地主,后来战乱到了上海,在上海华山路幸 福邨租了房子,地点离上海交大本部2站路。我父亲最小,上面都三个哥哥一个 姐姐,我分别介绍。他们叫他九弟,中间的几个夭折了。他长大的时候家里经济 应该很拮据,主要靠大哥的收入维持,所以他从那时候就养成了节俭的习惯,后 来经历建国来的那些年代,加上后来分配到了东北,那里虽然当时是中国的工业 基地,但生活条件与南方差距甚远,所以更是对自己的生活变得很苛刻。


父亲还记得自己以前的事情。他说起幸福邨的日子,说起住在那里的人,很多时 候还以为家还在那里。幸福邨是联排屋,我大学的时候家还在那里,整整的一栋 都是,三层,一大家子人都在,以前爷爷奶奶住在顶层,不大下来,我没有见过 奶奶,那天说起亲妈 ...


What a day

I was sitting in this underground little food court, breathing the muggy air, eating a spicy food, watching people coming in and out, full of life, full of noise, full of hope. Yet, I kept wondering that everybody here has one type of headache or another in their lives, just ...


Nursing home evaluation

Due to Dad's deterioating condition, nursing home becomes a necessary option that we must consider as a way to handle this situation. The following are notes most based on recollection and first impression so that they are likely biased and are certainly opinionated.

Sites visited:

  1. 北京金手杖: recommended by my ...


My la la land

Maybe it's the travel, maybe it's the stress of my dad's worsening health condition, maybe I'm tired from all these and trying the impossible without knowing the loss is done already. But I know why I'm sad. The life went the way I hoped but ...


Prototype needed

Building a prototype is a must-have for any new project and new business idea. It is not only a way to test out the initial thoughts so we know it is feasible, it also builds a common platform for client and developers to communicate while they are looking at the same thing.