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JSP to Angular

Man, don't I dislike Java!

how to angular

Top level controller is mwc, and is linked at the root <html>:

./WEB-INF/jsp/administration.jsp:5:<html ng-app="mwc">
./WEB-INF/jsp/login.jsp:6:<html ng-app="mwc">
./WEB-INF/jsp/index.jsp:6:<html ng-app="mwc" lang="en">
./WEB-INF/jsp/exception ...


IBB brain shutdown procedure

This document describes procedure to shutdown an IBB brain instance.

Shutdown procedure

  1. On RHV admin portal, shutdown all virtual machines but not the hosted-engine.

  2. Put the cluster in global maintenance mode by login any brain server, and hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=global.

    To verify, login in a brain node and hosted-engine ...


Server RAID

If you are like me who dislikes any GUI and mouse clicks, CLI via a SSH session to IMM is a fun way to get things done. This one shows how to config disks into RAID.

CLI manual is here.

    storage -config vol -option [-options] -target target_id
    -remove ...


Network switch

Network switch is a gold mine. You will need (ip, username, pwd) to get to it, using Telnet(!). Your friend is pexpect, but even that gives you jinx sometimes when each switch can return you some random garbages once a while that makes session.expect("your regex pattern") to time ...