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GKP — major details

In part one and part two, I have introduced functions to assist students get to know about the schools from multiple aspects. In this article, we will touch upon another important factor when going to college — major.

In China, majors are split into three layers: category, subcategory, and majors. Similar ...


GKP — school details

In part one, we have introduced functions that will help school research at nation level, state and city level. In this article I'll talk about features built to help research at school level.


While research schools, it is useful to bookmark a page for later use. That's ...


GKP — introduction

GKP project was conceived from a meeting with a friend of mine, Mr.Zhang, back in Jan, 2015. Mr.Zhang has been in China's college education business for 15 year. He has succeeded in building a couple online training services and is also the head of a private college ...