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SPA: a cofiguration Dashboard

Project SPA Dashboard demo

Project SPA Dashboard is a weekend fun. The idea came from Lenovo Open Cloud project, in which we have developed auto deployment of a complex stack on three physical servers. Services are Red Hat software deployed on a RHHI instance. Previously we have maintained ...


SPA: World Snapshot

World Snapshot

The joy of making graphs in a data-driven web application has been the highlight that kept me going from project to project. Once all things are hooked up and data can be created in a meaningful way, the ultimate presentation are reports and graphs ...


SPA: car leasing calculator

Project Car Leasing Calculator

Car leasing rooted in my own experience while researching for a new car. After putting together an Excel to model the car leasing process, I started to think how to make the lesson learned available for other buyers. Also, I figure this ...


Project Fashion Demo

Project Fashion front page
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Project Fashion is built to support daily business of an international trading company who specializes fashion products. Main functions of the application include product management, customer and vendor database, order management (both sales and purchase), and inventory management.

The company is based ...


Project Stock Backtesting Demo

Project Stock frontpage
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This project started at lunch with a friend who has been trading stocks as hobby for years. None of us has worked in a trading house playing with some serious money. Nonetheless, he believed that he has found a winner strategy and I ...


Project GKP Demo

Project GKP frontpage

Project GKP is an interesting one. It is a web tool that helps high school graduates in China to find a right college. The grand vision is to make it a one-stop shop to get information that are mostly relevant at ...