The GFW is nothing but an anti-humanity instance that blocks knowledge transfer and information sharing in the 21st century when brain is the competition advantage and this gov decides to sacrifice all the future with a vain hope that creativity can continue to flourish while its citizens are excluded from the rest of the world. The most frustrating point is that technology forums are handicapped in the crossfire to a ridiculous degree, for example, my experience with Stackoverflow has been downgraded to having at least 50% dead links due to the blocking. Come on! and you are talking about technology innovation!? Get a grip.

    How do I know this ia bad!? Well, when my brain has to slow down to cope with incoming information, it is a sign that this place is culturally backwards and hopeless, because my brain, though not that much impressive and has average power most of the time, is being wasted due to artificial barrier which has no reason to exist especially in the name of political stability (and harmony!? give me a break). This, is not acceptable. The time is not stopping for such idleness, so a minute waiting for the timeout is a minute my life will never get back. I don't need suspension of the "page not found" at the end of the 2 minutes, especially when I know the page IS there, and the "page is not found" or "coonection error" is a pure blunt lie. So in the end, it's the lie I can not bear.


    Now suppose there is a SSH server sitting outside the block, here is how to punch a hole and stay connected with life:

    1. From SSH client machine, $ ssh -C -D 1080 username@ssh-server-ip
    2. In firefox, configure a SOCK proxy:

      1. Preferences -> Advances -> Networking, set up Manual proxy.
      2. Set up as shown below:

      Firefox manual proxy setup

    3. Restart firefox, then go to

    Welcome back to the world.

    — by Feng Xia



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