U want know some bizzare logic? Here is one, from a terrible ridiculous argument w/ Noah's mom.

    She said at dinner table that she has applied two charter schools for Noah. I then asked what are these two schools, and want to know more about them. We talked about Noah's middle school assignment, and she was mentioning that charter school could be an option. I was rather glad that she took an initiative, unlike before she wouldn't do anything but to ask me to make a decision.

    However, this conversation derailed to the point that it was becoming really bizzare. So she started telling me how bad west carry, the one that Noah got assigned to go this year. So I said this is not what I'm asking; I'm asking to know more about these two schools. Then she started to say that I asked in such a challenging tone, that in the end the conclusion was that I didn't respect her.

    Why so? Because, according to her, I didn't listen and didn't try to understand her. While I often said that she didn't tell me much, therefore making it impossible for me to understand her. Here, the table is turned, that I didn't understand her because I didn't try hard enough.

    There it is, the logic — Me: you don't tell me anything, so I don't understand you; She: not that I didn't tell you anything, but you didn't try hard enough to listen; Me: I listened, but you don't say anything, so what to listen to? She: I told you, but you didn't try hard enough.

    How wonderfully bizzare ← You don't understand, because you didn't try hard enough. This, is driving me, crazy.. well, it was, but not anymore. I'm so grateful that we ended this relationship last year, officially, so I don't get bothered by the idea that I'm still in this bizzare loop, and have to deal with it as if this is important! No, it is not only not important, it is utterly, bizzare!

    This is truly an argument that has no ending. It will just go on and on and on and on. If one perceives another as not listening, I don't think there is anything one can do to change it. But then, perception, she got really worked up when I concluded that everything is really just perception, nothing you can do about, you are at the mercy of the other party how s/he perceives your words — it can be taken as a wonderful communication and just what is needed, or, it can be perceived as having no information, no content, and not answering the question at all.

    Honestly, I really think everything, good or bad or whatever, is completly a perception. But she disagree. I guess the only way to disagree is that she still believes there is an objective truth, fact, that you are not trying hard enough to be good, to listen, to understand her mind.

    But to me, I tried, I heard nothing, and this sad result, can only be my perception — I mean, what else could it be!!? I asked the question for information, and it turned out that I am not listening!?

    Isn't this, bizzare, or what!?

    PS. Surprisingly, I have written about logic already.

    — by Feng Xia


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