Noah wrote a sheet he titled best yoda line from the clone war. It's both philisophical, sophisticated, and cute. He has also said quite a few things recently that shocked me.

    Episode 1: taking a trip

    Me: do you want to go on a trip with me? Noah: No (firmly) Me: (surprised) why not!? You don't want to take a trip with me? Noah: No I don't (firmly) Me: (huh) why don't you then? Noah: cause 我不想怒你 Me: ....

    Episode 2: fuss

    On the way driving back from a bookstore on a cold winter weekend (and he was coughing and wheezing a bit over the weekend so something was looming). So I proposed to stop by Lake Johnson for walk (and to kill time), and his origami yoda said "No" (and we in the end lost the origami yoda, which made him really upset ~~).

    Me: let's go to Lake Johnson Noah: No, my origami yoda says No Me: but but, I want to go Lake Johnson Noah: (pause) fine, we can go Lake Johnson, because I don't want you fuss at me Me: fuss at you? (first time heard him saying this word, fuss) Noah: yes Me: what do you mean? (I found this really funny, and cute) Noah: cause you will fuss at 我 if I don't go, and I don't want you fuss at 我 Me: hahaha, 我怎么fuss at 你了? Noah: (persona my voice) I don't want your help. The best help is when you take care of youself... 我是在学你,you said to我 Me: hahahaha... Noah: and I know you were angry, cause you say that when you are angry Me: (this is just hilarious) Noah: and it makes me feel like an idiot Me: (oh, no, now I feel very sorry)

    Episode 3: love

    Driving to work in the morning, forgot what topic we were discussing, I was conjuring up something funny, but before I said it:

    Noah: I don't want to hear Me: what!? what do you not want to hear!? Noah: I know you are thinking about something Me: what!? Noah: ok, say it Me: ..... then just dispose you (I mean to tease him that I'll throw him out the car, I think) Noah: what do you mean by dispose me? Me: kick you out of the care Noah: mom is gonna kill you Me: huh? what do you mean? Noah: 妈妈会kill你 for kicking me out of the car Me: why? Noah: because she won't let me die Me: wow, what do you mean? Noah: cause she will not let me die in front of her Me: why not? Noah: (pause) because she loves me Me: what about 爸爸? 爸爸也love你啊. Noah: True (reluctantly). But sometimes you make fun of 我, and make me feel to punch you ... Me: (&#(^&$#)(&$(#&($))))

    Noah's yoda lines

    1. Fear is the path to the dark side
    2. Fear leads to anger
    3. anger leads to Hate
    4. Hate leads to suffering
    5. The fea of loss is a path the dark side
    6. Death is a natural part of life
    7. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the force.
    8. Mourn them, do not. Miss them do not.
    9. Attachment leads to jealousy
    10. The shadow of greed that is
    11. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose

    — by Feng Xia


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