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Teacher: If you have 10 chocolate cakes and someone asks for 2, how many do you have left? Me: 10. Teacher: Okay, well what if someone forcibly takes two of the cakes, how many would you have left then? Me: 10, and a dead body.

This thought has been haunting ...


Best yoda lines

Noah wrote a sheet he titled best yoda line from the clone war. It's both philisophical, sophisticated, and cute. He has also said quite a few things recently that shocked me.

Episode 1: taking a trip

Me: do you want to go on a trip with me? Noah: No ...


A minor upset

I think, well, actually not that I think, I feel, I feel it with me, that I have grown very much impatient with Noah's mom now. This is really sad. I think there is something up to her life recently, too — she was not being patient with Noah, actually ...


Age and maturity

I admire youth. It is a wonderful treasure to have since there is nothing you did to have it, and nothing you can do to retain it. You have it when you have it, then it's gone. But youth is also an awful curse since you are cast into ...


Half the world

Indeed a fascinating book, Where half the world is waking up by [Clarence Poe], a person born in North Carolina writing about China, Japan, Korea and India in the year of 1911. What a view he had!?

Certainly I got to learn about what these countries were like — more backwards ...



Got a book and it is truly disturbing, Rape of the Mind. So the mind manipulation has been developed to the point that is highly refined, highly scientific (you know I always have reserve about this particular word this days), highly systematic, and highly predictable. And this is the really ...



It amazes me, really, that how many people are conflicting themselves in term of logic in their arguments. Or I should say, everyone, including myself, are constantly in a state of contradicting of ourselves when it comes to explain an opinion or in a discussion to win a debate. How ...


Hurt feelings

This is a tough one, really, cause I have been puzzled by this topic for the last five years, and am continuing being puzzled by it without a resolution. I don't know how to resolve this. But it is definitely an issue of me that I need to understand ...


Love, life

I'm in the middle of this mid-life crisis, I guess, which prompted me to think a lot about why I am feeling this, whether this is happening for a reason, that it is just unique to me, or to ...


A vain debate pattern

I am amazed, that 财经郎眼 I used to enjoy so much which kept me on tap with China's economic progress and debates, is nowadays plagued with a BS culture and discussion pattern that I have witnessed, criticized, hated (no I don't hate this program, just the cliche amplified ...


Alpha Advantage SP500 API


While fixing my stock project, I hit a road block, that Yahoo's free finance API is gone!, no more. This is quite a bummer. How to get daily quotes so to reestablish the data stream? Well, as a the beauty of free market, someone is always up to ...


A mature technology

This notion of 技术已经很成熟 (it is a mature technology? a well known technology? huh? I don't even know how to translate this line.) bothers me a LOT! What do you mean by that? There are loads questions to be clarified ...



Reading The rape of the Nile, quite a fascinating book. It's rather surprising how recent these events were — we are talking about the mid-19th century, what, about 150 years ago? In prospective, the history of Egypt and its glorious monuments have been around for much longer than that.

reality ...


Slow down

Have you had this experience, that something you are familiar with, suddenly slowed down, which made you feel that everything was in a slow motion?

I know, it sounds pretty strange, and it is indeed strange. On the way to work this morning I was listening to my all time ...


Juju GUI nginx proxy

In LXD on localhost we introduced using LXD container to bootstrap a Juju controller. But how to access the Juju GUI? Launching it is easy enough with $ juju gui from juju host; accessing it from anywhere outside the host is a challenge. One way is through $ ssh -X to the ...



A poor-man's version my loved La La Land in which the perpetual theme of love, ambition, losing integrity in the face and name of opportunity. Why can't reality lose, once?


Bad day

Have you ever been caught in a mode that you just feel the whole life is collapsing, not necessarily things are really bad, just that you feel the mind is on a edge pissed off by something at that moment that you just ...



KVM is something new to me, and it sounds awesome. The experience I want to have is a local dev that I can copy & paste from some base image in case I forgot to take a snapshot at milestone. This way I feel comfortable to stand up a sandbox, try ...


Art > tech

I'm obsessed by La la land. How many times have I watched and listened to this film? I'm playing it everyday now at work as it is also the only movie I loaded on this computer. While I was doing it, I was thinking what I would like ...


Sensitive touchpad

The symptom is that typing jumps all over the place.

Tune sensitivity

The idea here is to use xinput command to tune finger sensitivity values so to find a good balance. Also, we are to disable touch point (the little read dot rubber thingy on Lenovo's laptops) since I ...