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Must do, maybe

I just had a thought — many mid-age women claim that they feel the best of themselves in this age band because they are independent, self-sufficient, less anxious, not that they have fewer troubles in life, but they view them as a matter-of-fact, just deal with it when it comes.

On ...


How many can one love

Train is an interesting, amazing thing. Never thought I will be sitting on a train (CalTrain) which brought me a feeling of riding train in China.

I haven't expected to see your messages, because I think it is the right thing to do that I should disappear from your ...


Technology and society

I have been thinking quite a bit about technology, and its relationship to society. I used to be a firm believer, and a practitioner, of technology. After all, it is what I do, and I actually enjoying writing code and drawing diagrams to analyze a problem at hand and to ...



Yao Han introduced me to this movie, at the time when we first met and were in love. I was 27, she was 19. I don't know how many times I have watched, listened to, and dreamed of, this movie. Each time it touches me deeper and deeper, makes ...


Finite anxiety

I was thinking. People get anxious on topic like bitcoin, why? Some talk says because the feeling of "loss" is greater than the feeling of "gain" even though the amount is the same. This has been proven in stock books. But then, things like bitcoin, or success, is NOT a ...


Mid night

Since coming back from Spring Break trip, my body and mind have been really tired. Work is progressing fine. A lot of new things to learn, but overall are quite manageable. But work is just, work. I was sitting in this good looking, big kitchen 2 o'clock in the ...


Use RHEL server qcow2 as sandbox

The closest thing RHEL has to a cloud image is a qcow (download from here). This image has disabled root password, and disabled SSH access ← so what the heck!?

Method 1: modify image directly

Really ugly solution. Anyway. On a Ubuntu 16.04, install guestfish and libguesttools, then:

create root ...



These notes are based on Satellite 6.3. There are minor difference between 6.2 and 6.3. Grasp the concept here, and hopefully you will have a good understanding of the Satellite models and procedures.


  1. One satellite server (master server), and 1+ capsule servers.
  2. The Satellite Server is ...



From 4th grade class weekly message of 4/8/2018:

Positivity Project News:

Starting Monday, we will begin learning about integrity. This is doing the right thing when nobody is watching. People with integrity practice what they preach and maintain a consistent pattern of behavior aligned with their values. They ...


Too little sympathy, too much generalization

Noah is a taking social intelligence course. A conversation gets me thinking, what is to measure a social intelligence? My observation of kids (and adults, too) is that we need sympathy — the feeling that your action will affect others in this or that way, and the uncomfort the others display ...


Django to REST

I have been building Django based web application for a while now. One design/request I get often is a REST API. Once the model data is exposed in REST, one can truly build a complete separate frontend ...


Moving, and a big trip

The past weekend was the big moving day. Things actually went pretty well, except the morning pick up of U-Haul. What a terrible customer service they had! Well, it started with my fault really by forgetting to bring my driver license. Nonetheless, the only service was not helpful ← and it ...


A song

It's a morning that you are touched, by a song. Quite out of nowhere when I was just flipping through Youtube trying to find something to watch. Then there was this movie, I probably have watched it before. I can't remember when now. I don't even recall ...


Science disease

Another Chinese new year. But what came to my mind this morning was something quite peculiar, if not irrelevant to the scene — what is science, or being scientific? Noah is taking some science class on rock and mineral, and I have just written about euphemism. This word, science, has been ...


To Nianyi


Haven't been a while since I wrote you anything. I'm listening to this movie while working, and felt I have something to say to you.

I want to say I'm sorry, sorry for being such a ass recently, for not speaking to you much these days ...



Sigh. Life is indeed full of puzzling person and phenomenon that annoys me and I found myself always wonder why they do that and what I have done to make them act that way (or regardless what I have done and do, they are just like that). Why?

The new ...


Big D

This has been a long past due as I have been thinking about this for the last few days, and have attempted to write a letter a few times, but always not feeling the feel, and when the feel was there I was usually busy running around for things that ...



I have to say, I haven't read an entertaining book as Class for a long time. This book is just stimulating, fun, and sharp. It actually hurts. It describes sooo accurately of what I feel about many aspects/signals in life that I come off with a much clearer ...



I have been doing a lot of thinking recently, about human society. There are multiple themes in my life and in my thinkings that I find them interesting, disturbing, annoying, and saddening. The more books I'm reading about historical events and views, the more I question how a society ...


Remembering China

This is a quite fascinating book. Actually I started to find myself always fascinated by early first-person account of China. I have this curiosity of what this country was like, and everytime I read a book like I always found myself keep thinking how similar peopel then to people now ...