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Boston and other thoughts

Trip to Boston was nice, especially when I saw old friends — uncle Tam, Eddy, Bob, Doc Shen and his parents. Not that it brought back many memories, but to see that people who have been in my life, of whom I wish to have a good life, are doing well ...



Who said it first, that the difference between human and other animals is that human can make belief, that we can imagine things, a scenario, a life, that does not exist. Therefore we invented arts, movies, music, literature ← all the existence that human can be proud of, and the only ...



What is people? I thought I had it figured out, but now I start to wonder whether I'm witnessing another make-belief episode in the human history when an abstract word such as this being used, abused, taken for granted, without explanation, as if everybody recognizes its meaning, knowing its ...


I don't think so

It's a common scene comparing ancient time vs. today, and the common context of such comparison is that people in today's world, enabled by information revolution and its technologies, is overwhelmed by these bits in term of sensibility, thus deriving a conclusion that either we are becoming less ...



Isn't this confusing — ECMAScript, ES2015, ES6, Javascript, JScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript... what the heck!?

Feng's view of how these confusing Javascript words are linked together


The mother of all is the ECMAScript, which is the spec. It has some wild release notion and cycles. The important one for ...


Self-selected bias

I wonder, whether the bias that I feel, is actually self-selected!?

This occurred to me when I was browsing Slashdot at lunch, and started to realize that as a pattern which applies to everybody, you will only click into the comment for the titles you find interesting — this sounds very ...


JSP to Angular

Man, don't I dislike Java!

how to angular

Top level controller is mwc, and is linked at the root <html>:

./WEB-INF/jsp/administration.jsp:5:<html ng-app="mwc">
./WEB-INF/jsp/login.jsp:6:<html ng-app="mwc">
./WEB-INF/jsp/index.jsp:6:<html ng-app="mwc" lang="en">
./WEB-INF/jsp/exception ...


The wrong elite

Hmmm... this video is very...disturbing.. and the comments below are even more so, disturbing.

Before anything, I think this person is a thinker. It's actually very good, and I think he is very smart and observant, and he certainly is not following some made recipe → he is formulating ...


Another Friday

I don't know how to put today. Another Friday, sunny, humid, hot.

This is the last day for many who were affected from last round of layoff. Ran into a couple people I know yesterday and this morning. Though I barely know any of them personally or through work ...



A country I only know by its name, Venezuela. Yet it's on the NPR news these days, and the country is going through some terrible times. The world feels, turbulent, really — US policy is aggressive that it's on war with China, with Iran, with just about everybody, and ...


Dev structure

If the Bible story happens today

This is a common question any team/project will have to address — how to structure the knowledge we know of a project so that we are not missing things? Each project/application, of course, is different. But the overall is actually quite common. Here ...


Make passport photo in Gimp

Once a while I need to make a 2x2 for official document such as passport. It's annoying if I need to go CVS paying $15 for a digital while myself owns a whole bunch of lenses and am proud of myself of taking good photos.. well, I guess this ...


China's Opportunity

Found this on Reddit. China and all your patriotic supporters, don't take this view. It's annoying, and will not make you strong.

This must be a super upsetting day for Noah, after a super good day for him and me yesterday, that he brought home his EOG report ...


Cup of Joe

I like this place, like the smell of roasted coffee beans, like the fragrance that left in your mouth after a sip ...



Man, after watching the 東京女子図鑑, then the beijing version, I can not stand the shanghai version at all!!!

What is wrong with these story tellers!!? I mean, really, what is wrong with you!? Can you, honestly, give some thoughts of what the original Japanese one is about, and be a ...


Life like a turtle

Walking back from gym a moment ago, passing the 奈何桥 I was always joking about with her back then. Nice, cool late Spring day, beautiful weather, beautiful sunshine, beautiful sky, almost beautiful day. Out of the glittering sun reflection off the pond, there was this lazy dark patch floating over ...


Reflection on technology

Stanislav Petrov

This, is an excellent topic, excellent!! I love it.

We need reflection of technology, of the terms tech talks use to promote themselves and to dwarf others. I have argued before that the so called 弯道超车 is ridiculous and outright disgusting. Period. This implies to take a shortcut ...



Noah and I had a curious conversation. While pulling off the highway towards the Reader's Corner, I asked him to ...



I have been thinking about the word "globalization" in the last couple days. I used to use it a lot during my MBA days as if it's a magic word that fits into any topic, any slides, and made it look instantly a good one, thus bringing me good ...



I have been listening to this midnight talk show by this woman/girl for the last few weeks on and off, and found it quite fascinating, not that it's sentimental and discussing the eternal topic of love that is guaranteed to acquire attention and discussion and audience. I found ...