I'm obsessed by La la land. How many times have I watched and listened to this film? I'm playing it everyday now at work as it is also the only movie I loaded on this computer. While I was doing it, I was thinking what I would like to hear when I need a little sound, and it was the only one I wanted then.

    Got curious of its reviews, I know, I haven't read any of others' reviews of it till now. But honestly, like the guy in the film, why do I care what other people say about it, if myself enjoys it already? Who the hell care what they say? So what surprised me, as well as impressed me, was that it was done with 30 million dollars, and the director's first film, Whipsplash, was done in 3. What am I trying to say? is that whenever I was hearing the piano theme of La la land, I felt deeply moved as if the sweet and bitter memory came into life, dancing, starting at me, asking me to rejoin it and to relive it. That, is magical. I can't help thinking that with that much budget, how many technology projects I have witnessed or heard that had flushed down the drain, and the same budget that produced music, literature, choreography, film, that has touched your inner self with a timeless effect? Wouldn't that be a better way to spend and to invest?

    Growing older, I began to feel more and more of the magic of arts, which in so many ways is contradicting with my profession as a computer guy, which speaks hard, cold, seemingly objective logic of if-else. Going into the Boston Arts Museum, the first time seeing Van Gogh's painting was breathtaking — they were sooo small, soooo colorful, soooo different from anything else in that room — even as an engineer I couldn't help wondering how he did it, or even perceived this, view!? You know, countless times at work I felt down not because how hard the task was, but how thoughtless sometimes I felt towards the problem, yes, it is just scary when you find yourself having no mental picture of a path to even try, the feeling of a dead end. So here are these arts, speak to you with their own life, touches your soul, disturb an ebb that feel so remote, yet so real, so you.

    Maybe, art is a greater form than hi-tech, and being an artist who can write and produce these timeless pieces, is a greater mind. The piano of the La la land, will sadden you one day too, when the reality collapses all around.

    — by Feng Xia


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