I don't know why, but ordinary, common people with a sincere attitude and a smile will always move me, better than any shining armor, social status, halo on the head and a badge of prestige. I think the trick is that they are real, they experience agony and frustration like everyone else, and they hold up a hope as fearless, and more often fearsome, to struggle, to wish, to work for it, to fall, and to fall again.

    It is not motivating at all. On the contrary, it echos what I feel about myself and of life — endless tunnel to run through without seeing a light at the end of it. What propells you to continue the run then, if there is no one waiting for or to cheer you for your footsteps? It's easy to throw the word dreams around, as if everyone does have dream, I mean the actual, happening-when-you-sleep, kind of the brain activity — even this isn't necessarily true, right? What do you call a dream? A mental wandering astray from reality? or just a different projection of the same reality?

    Then, there is this hypothetical dream that pumps your blood and loads you with spirit so to overcome obstacles and curve balls. These folks had dreams. It is admirable to live for something you believe in. I think the trouble really starts when you start to find it difficult to believe in anything — when you can see there are always two sides of every single coin that flies around, belief really becomes a betting process in which you are convinced your odds are good.

    — by Feng Xia


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