This has to be the most disturbing talk I have ever heard so far, and this makes me very angry.

    The talk is about China's new policy to encourage having more than one child, and these people talked about possible ways to turn the tide of China's declining population. Sigh. But this is truly sad sad sad in multiple ways and it is totally disgusting, misleading, wrong, just morally wrong, technically wrong, politically wrong, and absolutely against humanity!

    180 turn

    No where they every even dared to touch the No.1 topic I think they should have discussed ← this is truly an elephant in the room, yet everybody turns his head and as if it doesn't exist!

    How can a country reverse its one-child policy, the one that has been criticized by human right group, by UN, by everybody except China itself, just like that! How can this be acceptable!!! This speaks to a case in point of China's opaque decision making process that a policy that was sooo dear and soooo important that if you get caught you will be fined and be humiliated and even harmed in public, now suddenly, turns into a reverse gear, with equal justification, equal legitimacy, equal support by these experts!!

    This, to me, is the scarest thing! Come on. How can I trust such process that it does not turn on me someday and crush me because its agenda puts me in its way! This is like a HUGE truck on the road but switching lane at a blink of eye without giving signal, without apology, without any concern of who the hell is driving next it, or being on board! In daily life we will take this driver to be mad, to be irresponsible (in polite term), and will shun from him/her as much as we can. Yet, when it is a government, a country, no one, no one in this talk even dare to stand up to challenge authority with this question:"So, were we wrong in the past!? If so, shouldn't you apologize!?"

    Talking about 知识份子的良心, which I see none! Sigh.... this is total bullshit! total disgust! totally purely, wrong!.. You know, with such pattern unchallenged, such decision making unchanged, un-reviewed, un-criticized, un-punished, we are letting our own life to be manipulated, and eventually, to be crushed.

    for the greater good

    I have argued in too much trust in multi folds that anything, I mean, anything, that is titled as "for a greater good", should be carefully examined, eagerly questioned, cautiously observed, hardly participated, never (by all means) obeyed and adopted.

    How can anyone even allow such a saying as "为国生娃"!!!!!! Not to mention this State has not been a nice companion to be with!? Isn't this like asking a woman to bear you a child while you are treat her like trash!? and of course, your argument is that without me you would have been living on a street... doesn't this sound familiar to you!? Oh my god, how can anyone in 21st century, boasting to be educated, be civilized, be westernized, be modern, fall in such a stupidity!!! This is outrageous! Pure insanity!

    Stop preaching "do this for your country"!!! No, I don't want to give birth to my child because it is mainstream! No. I can do it for love, for a sexual need, for my own reason of any kind, but the last thing on my mind when I have sex is to be patriotic!

    How bizzare it is!! How dare you to ask me to do so!?

    leading to humanity disaster

    What they don't realize, and this truly saddens me and scares me, is that this argument is paving the way to a humanity disaster. Here is how this logic will unfold.

    First of all, this is total discrimination against age, against old people. I have long debated with myself that from an engineer's point of view to optimize efficiency and maximize social progress, I, if were a dictator, would have a policy to eliminate the elders as soon as his/her contribution is less than his/her cost ← but I could never bring myself to agree with such conclusion. This is wrong, even logically I think it is correct, but morally, humanely, personally, it is WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    We must be alarmed by the name aging society, which ironically has been on this path for the last 30+ years, and yet as if everybody is suddenly waking up from a dream, and switching immediately into a panic mode! Demographics can neither be increased in a short term, nor decreased in a short term. Period. Again, what we should have questioned is why China has been ignoring this long-term trend all along, and continue to treat this topic as if it's an on-off switch — turn it on, make 1 million babies, right now! This is fuxxed up. Paving a justification to view aging in such a negative way will lead to policy to remove "un-contributing" population ← this is nothing but the same method that all humanity disaster has started with, some kind of philosophy to:

    1. establish the objective to be optimal
    2. label and remove the inefficient ones

    Wake up people. You might be ok in your 20s, 30s, 40s, but such a mentality is a beast out of cage ← once it is out, it will crash and burn in blood, and it doesn't really care whose blood it takes.

    Second, when talking about policy to encourage birth, it is inevitably leading to a social view of some group being preferred to others. If, as one of the expert said "for example, letting coastal residents to..." (essentially enjoying a previlege of a kind), it is nothing but a one step away from what we have all learned in class, in TV, in any book of WWII, that " people are inferior race... thus..." ← you know what this is!? This is fascism, is racial discrimination, and can only be ended with war, with terrible social and human cost. How can anyone in today's civilization say such a thing without feeling shame!!?? geeee.... if only these people take a step back and read what I have just said, they will realize how terrible himself/herself has just sounded!


    It's a common saying, and is the baseline of all these people's argument, that people don't want to have more kids because:

    1. People with good education don't like to have babies because, it will lower their quality of life
    2. People who have good life don't like to have babies because, it will lower their quality of life.

    Well well well. Now let me ask you this: do you wish your kid to have a good/better life than yours? and do you wish them to have good/better education? I have yet to meet a single parent who says No to this. Well, then, following the initial logic, doesn't this mean that the next generation will have less babies because, they will have a better education & better life than their parents'!?

    So, if our goal is to reverse this population trend, it seems to me the logical step should be to lower education and to lower quality life of our next generation, so that they will be willing to give more birth! Now, people, will you still be patriotic?

    You see, this is a completely conflicting logic that they are stating without thinking over how this will unfold. And honestly, let's be straight here:

    High education & life quality is not in negative correlation with child birth. On the contrary, parents wanting their kids to have a good life is a great thing. (Speaking for any parents), it is super important that the society in the future, in the next 25 years when my son grows up, is in a good shape. I want to do my part, not only for my own sake, but also for Noah to have a good life. That, is a strong motivation, to be a good citizen, to be a good person (role model) in life, and to make a new generation of intelligence, of knowledge, and of kindness.

    Education makes people criticize more, challenges status quo more, thus having less confidence in a rosy future for the next 25 year if things are let be without checks. I think this is actually why many of those who has received high education don't want to have kids ← not that they have less sexual drive, but they have a deeper understanding of things, of human, of society, of what the next 25 years may be like, and a stronger will to determine his/her own life, and a stronger feeling of responsibility when there is a child. Therefore, education is not the enemy of child birth, nor the cause of decline of population.

    So really, people. This logic can not be true! It's an urban myth at most. Stop quoting it for your statement. It, in my view, is FALSE.


    How can young parents make a condition that if only State/company/society makes raising a baby easier, I would have had more kids!????

    I totally agree, that raising a kid is hard. Yet, we parents also agree that we love them, wish them the best, though they have brought us the most frustrating experience, most agonizing moment, most tiresome nights & days, most anxious episodes.... we regret, sometimes, sincerely, anger sometimes, uncontrollably, totally at lose of what to do with them, too many times... yet, we deal with it, try not to give it up, peddle water to keep head above water, to put out as much to support them, to give them a good life.

    I can use some help, for sure. But it is not a condition. Child is the result of a love, or a passionate night. She is not a bargain chip, not a prerequisite ← I have always advised young friends to forget about "I want to get ready before having a kid" ← you simply have no way to be ready. God deals you a child, if he chooses so, and you deal with it. Period. You can never be ready.

    And it becomes even more bizarre that if society supports the old, young people can be more creative, more productive... are you fxxxxing kidding me!!??? You might as well just say, you know what, if only society takes care of all my problems, I'll be a happy man.

    Give me break!! Kid, parents, this is all your responsibility. Yes, responsibility is not fun. But no, without it your life will not be paradise. On the contrary, I would guess it will be quite miserable ← if your creativity and productivity is depending on so called social support to such a degree, man, I can bet you are neither creative nor productive. I guarantee it, because you are nothing but a selfish, grown-up baby.

    last line

    I haven't been so annoyed and so angry with something like this for a while. This is really sad. I hate this talk. Honestly, I worry about China. I think it's going in a direction that people would suffer greatly. I'm seeing it unfold in front of my eyes.

    But mostly, I worry about Siqi. She has a full life ahead of her. I will regret dearly if she were caught in such turmoil someday. I wish I could have helped her from going through this; I wish I could be there if the tide comes to her; I wish I could bring her to safety, or at least, peddle the boat for her, so she will be ok.

    — by Feng Xia


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